Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Mo Co Cookoff

This past weekend was the Montgomery County Cookoff that Austin and some of his buddies participate in every year.  Saturday afternoon I loaded my car full of friends and we headed up there for some fun and BBQ.

The walk from the car was far for Liz and her broken foot  :( 

By the time we got into the fair grounds we found her a ride!

The sign I found behind the food prep area.  Nice guys.  I guess Austin was keeping everyone in control...

Some of the boys at work

Liz, me and Katie hanging out waiting to get fed! 

Box and Katie

Austin and Cliff with their 7th place ribbon for ribs!  There were 120 entries so 7th place is pretty awesome!

When the sun goes down the freaks come out!  This time we had some of them with us, ha!  Chris and Box getting their dance on with Liz's crutches.  I think that was dust all over my camera lens, awesome. 

I didn't take nearly enough pics this year for some reason but it was a great time!

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Autumn said...

Looks like you guys had fun! I miss those fares and the BBQ!! I feel for Liz...I had a cast and walking boot from May to October last year