Friday, April 15, 2011

Dakan Wedding Weekend

This past weekend one of my college friends Megan got married!  We had a blast celebrating with her and her family and friends.  We started the weekend with the rehearsal/rehearsal dinner.  Poor Meg got a call Tuesday night saying that their rehearsal dinner venue BURNED DOWN!!  Wade got right on it and about 50 phone calls later booked this cute antique shop/Italian restaurant for Friday night, it was perfect!  

Jackie & me hanging out before dinner.  Hannah is showing big time in this pic, I guess my dress was pulling against Jackie or something because I didn't look like that all night.  Funny story though, on Saturday before the bridal party was introduced for the reception everyone was hanging out in a room drinking and just waiting on pictures to be done.  The groomsman that I had rehearsed with Friday night and then was being introduced Saturday night with asked if I wanted a beer.  I said no thanks, I wish.  He said why not?  Ummm...I'm pregnant buddy!  He didn't know!  I'm not really sure how he missed it since I spent time hanging around with him and I'm pretty sure I look pregnant but ok!  Ha!  Have another beer buddy! ;)

The bride-to-be and me

Austin and me ready to eat.  Well, me ready to eat at least!  ;)

Saturday afternoon Meg ready to head to the wedding in her "Mrs Dakan" outfit!

Christine, Meg and Mrs Arent happy on the limo ride

Me with the beautiful bride!  She looked like a princess and her dress was gorgeous!!

Officially Mrs Dakan with her jokester little bro Tony

Mr & Mrs Dakan during their 1st dance

Beautiful cake

Meg surprised Wade with an outdoorsy type grooms cake.  It was tasty too!

Their photographer made the cutest sign in book.  Each page had a picture from their engagement pictures.

Beautiful flowers everywhere

Meg and her Dad dancing together

Austin, Hannah and me just hanging out.  Excuse my hair by this point, it was WINDY during the ceremony!  But such a beautiful day for an outdoor wedding!

Me with Beth

My Dad looking like a stud posing between my Mom and me

Mr Arent break dancing.  So funny!

My fellow preggers Lindsey and me just hanging out watching everyone dancing.  It was pretty entertaining to watch but so different to not be out there in the middle of the dance floor with everyone.  It's a little hard to dance when you're belly feels heavy!  But it was still fun. :)  Lindsey is due just three days after me with her 1st boy!

Austin and Bryan enjoying their beverages as always ;)

More pretty flowers

Meg in her beautiful bridal portrait

Katie busting a move to Thriller!

Mr Arent rented this awesome car for the Bride and Groom to leave in

Here's what I remember about the car, it's a '67 something and it's British and the Queen apparently rode in it once.  That's it.  Ha!  Girls, we don't remember car stuff!  Oh, and the steering wheel is on the right side.

The Bride dancing with a cowboy hat.  Meg's been known a time or two to borrow a cowboy hat while dancing. ;)

This weekend also was Brody's first time to stay in a hotel!  He made the drive up to Dallas with my parents on Saturday and was planning on staying with Austin and I in our room but he was having so much fun with Gabby that they stayed together with my parents.  He had a GREAT time and slept the whole way home and all afternoon/night once we got back home.  Here the slobber monster is making himself at home on the couch in the hotel room.  B's never met a couch cushion he didn't love.

Congratulations Megan and Wade!!  You guys had an awesome wedding and looked so happy and cute together!  Love you guys!

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