Saturday, September 19, 2009

Austin Townsend had a farm....

Ok, so he doesn't have a farm but check out his garden!  We planted this back in April and it looks WAY different now!  He built the frame and everything.  Handy man!


I helped plant everything, but that's pretty much my extent of it.  The rest is all Austin.  I just water when he's out of town. 


The super tall plants are okra, the rest is different kinds of peppers, basil (SO much basil!), squash and tomatoes.  The tomatoes apparently don't like it in our backyard since we've only gotten two but everything else is growing like crazy.
Here's a little pepper.  We have had TONS of peppers!  All different kinds and they are gooood!

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etphonehome21 said...

That's so awesome. Can he build us one? I actually grew (and didn't kill) a couple of herb pots this summer so maybe I can handle this next one.