Sunday, September 6, 2009

Is there such a thing as a "Stay At Home Aunt"?!?!

Because if there is, I'm IN!!
So, Austin bailed on me for the long weekend and left on Wednesday to go dove hunting until Monday. So, I decided to take THREE WHOLE DAYS off work and hang out with Tracy and Leah during the daytime. It was SO much fun and a lot of work! (Did y'all know that babies take that much attention!?) ;) I changed my 1st dirty diaper and got a mini-crash course in parenting. Anyways, Leah is still on "house arrest" so what do you do for fun with three days at home?? TAKE PICTURES!! Warning, there are LOTS!
Beautiful girl in our photo shoot
Minnie got a new do. Her Mommy dropped ketchup in her hair and this was the resulting look.... Poor Minnie....

Little Leah

Her position of choice

Ok, how could that possibly be comfortable?!

Very serious dreams happening apparently

We had visitors!! Here's the Baby Whisperer Leslie! Leah LOVED her!

Cousin Emily came by and Leah loved her too! So did Minnie :)

Dave got in on the action! Leah was happy as she could be! And Minnie was super excited as well!

Love it

Ok, I don't really know how she ended up like this....

Josefovsky girls all tuckered out!

"Hey Aunt Kelly, are you really supposed to just leave me here like this?!?!" ~Leah

Aunt Kelly with her sweet girl

"Mom, according to the looks of the computer screen, I think you have enough pics of me already! Geeze!" ~Leah

Aunt Kelly, Minnie & Leah ready for their walk

Happy girl
Tummy time!

Aunt Kelly, Mommy & Leah
Lynda, this picture is for YOU! ;)

Bath time!

Love it
Ok, so this will be it for Leah posts for awhile. Up next, my 29th bday and Brad Paisley concert! :) Can't wait!


lsmith said...

I love them all! Great job Kelly! I think Leah needs a sister or brother! What do you think?

Lynda said...

Brad Paisley!!! Awesome!!!