Sunday, September 13, 2009

Time Well Wasted!

Most people know how much I love Brad Paisley so I was SOOO excited that he was coming to The Woodlands right after my bday!  It was a blast!!  For the 1st time I got to sit in the seats at the Pavilion instead of the lawn.  Did yall know those existed?!  ;)  Well, let me tell you, it was WELL worth it!!  It rained all day on Friday so we were prepared for the rain but since we had seats we didn't have to worry about getting muddy but Lunchbox was ready anyways!
Check out his sweet outfit!
This is a MAJOR picture overload post but that's ok, I took way more than the pics I put here.  I have a picture taking problem, I know.  I also have a "let's take the silliest picture" problem too but it's fun so I don't care!  ;)
The Townsends
The Ogorchocks (soon!  April!)
The Smiths (even sooner!  January!)
The girls
Box "protecting his client" from the papparazzi!
Some might call this our "Blue Steel faces"  Some might call it our "sexy faces".  Whatever you call it, we make this face A LOT when the camera is around!
So, this picture was supposed to be us showing our "sexy faces".  As you can see, no one accomplished that.  Especially Austin!  Scary!
Here is Katie & I showing how to drink 24oz beers "lady like".  Austin said we didn't look lady like, we looked like T-sips (Longhorns)  By the way, those are the only sized brewskis they sell, and they are $9.50!!!
So, since we took a "T-sips" picture we had to take an "Eagles" (UNT) picture!
Hey there Mr. Paisley!
Our hats are off to you as well!
One of the many pictures we took of ourselves!  Fun times!  :)
Brad, are you singing to ME?!
Box & Katie dancing together.  Cute  :)
He puts on the best show!!
The whole gang
I said "Let's take a silly picture!" and we didn't see what the other one was doing so I thought it was funny that he made a "blow" face and I made the exact opposite look!  Two peas in a pod.  ;)
Oh, and the concert didn't end after Brad was done singing!  We had to sit in the car for about 15 minutes not moving to get out of the parking lot so Box & Austin entertained Katie & I with a little Neil Diamond. 
Fun times!  Can't wait for the next time!

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Lynda said...

Looks like you had a Happy Happy Birthday!