Monday, September 7, 2009

While Austin's Away The Dogs Will Play....

Over the long weekend Brody and I had a special houseguest.  Bailey Pate came to visit while her Mom & Dad were cheering on Vanderbilt in Tennessee.  Brody didn't really know what to think of her...  But she seemed oblivious to his 'tude and she had a blast!
This is the best picture to describe our weekend.  Me yelling "Bailey, NO!" and her running anyways
And here was the next best picture to describe what was going on.  Bailey trying hard to get to Brody and him being mean to her.
Bailey, I thought we had a talk about you and your shoe fetish!

Brody "caged in" so he could have a few peaceful minutes from his friend.
Apparently Bailey has a hat fetish too...

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