Friday, March 11, 2011

19 Weeks

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 19 Weeks
Size of baby: Baby T is about the size of an heirloom tomato
Total Weight Gain: I really have no idea right now, I'd guess about 5 lbs.  I go back to the Dr next week so I'll find out but I think I'm going to remove this from the updates.  It depresses me.  I know that I'm supposed to gain weight for the baby but it's still hard to look at the scale and see it creeping higher and higher each week!
Maternity Clothes: All maternity pants and regular tops.  Some tops are retired now though because they are too short with the growing belly.
Gender: GIRL!!!  We've picked a name we like but haven't officially decided on it just yet.  Once we know, I'll announce it.
Movement: I feel fluttering randomly but nothing consistant yet.  I have an anterior placenta so the Dr said that's good for when she is bigger and kicking up a storm because I won't feel it quite as hard.  I swear she kicked my bladder the other day because I was laying in bed and all of the sudden I needed to go to the bathroom.  Like, quick and out of nowhere! 
Sleep: I love sleep. :) I've been sleeping pretty good this week. Some nights I wake up several times a night, sometimes none or just once.  I get in bed at 9pm every night now.  I'm sooo tired!
What I miss: Nothing really right now
Cravings: Sweets
Symptoms: I feel pretty good! Just tired a lot and some tightness in my stomach.
Best moment this week: We had a pretty uneventful week compared to last week so I'd say the best moment was probably just having Austin feel where she's at in there.  I can usually feel right where she is most of the time but he doesn't normally feel around on my belly so I had him feel for her the other night and his face lit up and he got excited when he could tell where she was.  It was cute.  He said he thinks I'm showing a lot more than last week and I agree!
Funniest moment this week:  I had to add this category in again this week.  I came in from out of town on Sunday afternoon and Austin was doing yard work so Brody and I got into bed and watched some tv.  I may or may not have been eating in bed while watching tv...  Not a normal thing in our house but I wanted some Girl Scout cookies and I didn't want to eat them in the kitchen so I brought a few different boxes into our room for an assortment.  :)  Well, Tuesday night I was getting into bed and noticed some small brown spots on our cream sheets.  Austin and I started investigating trying to figure out what it was.  Austin couldn't figure it out since he didn't know my dirty little secret from Sunday afternoon but I knew pretty quickly what it was. was chocolate.  From my Girl Scout cookies.  From two days earlier that I never noticed.  Ha!  We laughed pretty hard when I told him what it was from and what a pregnant moment that was.  The sheets were washed and all traces of chocolate in our room have vanished.  Lesson learned.  Let's be honest though, I seriously doubt that will be the last time I eat in our bed while I'm pregnant.  I'll just check around for crumbs next time.... 


Stephanie said...

I agree that it looks like you popped this week. So cute!

19 weeks pregnant said...

When I was pregnant, I enjoyed wearing maternity clothes with elasticated support in a winter pregnancy as I found them comfortable. But U look sooooooooooooo sweet with Belly...