Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Future Mrs Dakan

A few weekends ago I headed up to Dallas to attend one of my college friends, Megan's bridal shower.    Jackie and her mom hosted the shower and it was so nice and pretty! 

You KNOW I loved all the food!  :)

These cupcakes were so cute and yummy

Beth and I.  Hello SUN, my name is Kelly, have we ever met??  Jeeze, I'm pale!

The delicious punch that everyone kept talking about.  :(  It looked yummy but I stuck with my water.

Lexie making sure her presense was known.  She's so cute.

When she wasn't guarding Meg's presents, Lou Lou was.

Playing the "make a wedding dress game"

Megan with her two brides

Meg and her mom

Megan with her future mother in law and her mom

Jackie, Beth, Meg and me

Meg with the two hostesses

Saturday night after the shower the Stewart fam came over to Jackie and Bryan's house to hang out.  Little Payden perfectly happy sticking his hand down my shirt.  Ha!

How cute is that little face?!  He's been having a little separation anxiety from his Momma lately so he wasn't too thrilled when Bryan wanted to hold him at first.

Beth and cutie Avery

How pretty is she?!  She is so funny

Payden all happy!

Avery loves being a big sister as you can see here.  She may just want to let up on his neck a little bit...

It was a quick but fun weekend!  Next weekend is the big day and Miss Arent will become Mrs. Dakan!

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