Tuesday, March 15, 2011


This past Saturday Tracy and I took Leah to Build-A-Bear!  I had a coupon that was about to expire and I've been wanting to take her for the longest time so we held off as long as we could hoping she would "get it" and then went for it.
One thing she got FOR SURE was that it was her kind of store!  As soon as we walked in there she knew it was not a grown up store, it was a LEAH store!  She was walking around staring at everything and getting excited.

Helping Leah pick out which bear she wanted.  We'd show her each one and she'd say "no" and move on.  Nice!

Being a big girl and deciding on her own

Getting a little help from Mom and picking out her bear

Leah ended up with the pink bear and was a little confused watching them stuff it...

One thing she definitely got was the CLOTHES!  She kept saying "OOOH!!" to everything and picking it up and showing us what she liked.  It was so cute!

She even liked some camo shorts!  That makes Uncle Austin proud. ;)

Leah with "Mr. Bear" after she picked out her outfit and of course, shoes.  That was the most important thing for Leah "shoosh".

Back at home Leah wanted to show her Daddy her new bear and gave her kisses

And then carried it around the rest of the afternoon  :)

Leah taking the "shoosh" off and on and asking for "ELP!" when she couldn't get them on correctly.

This was SO cute!  I turned around while sitting on the couch wondering what Leah was up to and she was telling Minnie ALL about her new bear.  Seriously, we really think she was.  She was just talking a mile-a-minute in "Leah language" to Minnie and showing her the bear and telling her about her outing.  It was so cute and sweet.  Minnie just stared at her confused.  Ha!

Ok, this is a horrible picture of me but it's so cute of Leah that I had to share.  I kept trying to get a picture of us together (pretty much impossible these days) and so I was laying on the ground and she was standing next to me and I'd say "cheese!" and she'd say "sheeeze!" and this is what I got.  She looks so funny and cute!

Giving her new bear a big hug

She wanted to take Mr. Bear on a carriage ride.

This is the reality of trying to get a picture with Leah!  Ha ha!  I'm holding her in one arm, bear in the other and she is trying to flip over so she doesn't have to have her picture taken.  Nice! 

It was a successful outing that went much better than any of us expected!  Leah didn't really get the concept of building her own bear but she had a lot of fun picking out everything and having her bear in the end.  I can't wait to take her back in another year or two!

Oh, and if your child loves stickers, take them to Build-A-Bear.  No less than three employees tried to give Leah stickers and she wasn't having it!  They really love stickers there apparently...

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