Friday, March 18, 2011

20 Weeks

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 20 Weeks, half way there!!
Size of baby: Baby T is about the size of a cantaloupe!  She's getting big in there!
Total Weight Gain: 7 lbs, I'm keeping this up here for now because it's a good way for me to keep track, especially to use as a reference for my next pregnancy
Maternity Clothes: All maternity pants and regular/maternity tops
Gender: GIRL!!! We've picked a name we like but haven't officially decided on it just yet. Once we know, I'll announce it.  At home we call her by the name so I think it's going to stick.
Movement: I feel fluttering randomly and I thought I felt some kicking the other night.  My Dr said since my placenta is in an anterior position it may take a little while longer to feel her kick but it's in a perfect spot for an easier delivery.  Yeah!
Sleep: I love sleep. :) I've been sleeping pretty good this week. Some nights I wake up several times a night, sometimes none or just once. I woke up at 5am on Monday when Austin did and never went back to sleep.  Not too happy about that especially since it was the day after daylight savings... :( I get in bed about 9pm every night now. I'm sooo tired!
What I miss: Nothing really
Cravings: Sweets (normal) and candy (not normal).  I've never been a big candy person but I find myself moving over to the candy aisle at the gas station whenever I'm in there.  All things gummy especially  :)  I saw a recipe this week for Snickerdoodle muffins and I made them and brought them to work.  Austin asked me whose birthday it was (I usually make treats for coworkers bdays) and I said no ones, they just looked really good and he just gave me a look and laughed.  At least I was sharing and not eating them all myself!  He took some to work too and told me he was passing them out like presents because they were too good to just leave in the kitchen for people to grab.  Ha!  I think he's enjoying my random sweet cravings as well.
Symptoms: I feel pretty good! Just tired a lot and some tightness in my stomach.  My crazy dreams are back in full force!  Some of them are so bizarre and weird that I wake up upset and have a hard time going back to sleep.
Best moment this week: Feeling her kicking around (I think)!  It definitely felt different than any other stomach related feeling so I'm pretty sure that was it.  We also picked out her crib, chair/ottoman and bedding this week.  I need to order everything in the next week or so.  I had my 20 week appt with the Dr and she says she looks perfect based on the results of the ulrasound a few weeks ago!  At 18 weeks she was 8oz and everything looks great!  Her heart rate was 145 this week.  She's a strong girl!  :)

I can't believe this pregnancy is half way over already!  It has been going by so fast but when I think about how we found out the week of Thanksgiving it seems so long ago.  We are just so grateful that she's healthy in there and so far it's been smooth sailing.  Praying for an uneventful 2nd half!!

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Stephanie said...

How exciting that you have a name picked out and are starting to buy things for the nursery! I've totally been feeling baby J move, but no kicks, just feels like a twitch or a flutter. So cool!