Monday, March 14, 2011

Weekend Away

I'm a little behind in blogging but the weekend before last my best college buddies and I headed to Austin for a bachelorette party weekend!

We stayed at a cute house on Lake Austin.  There were many levels of sitting areas in the back!

Friday night we all got into town and just hung out, played games, enjoyed cocktails and ATE!  There were only five of us and we had more food set out than this for Friday night!  It was awesome.  Especially for the two of us who couldn't enjoy the adult beverages.

Lindsey got some cupcakes for us before she left town and the bakery girl decorated the box up.  It was cute.

Inside were some YUMMY cupcakes!  All different kinds!  I'm not going to say how many I ate because I lost track...

Megan playing Guesstures.  I love that game, we play it at our house with Katie and Lunchbox often.

I have no idea what Katie was trying to act out but I'm sure it was hilarious.  We laughed a LOT during this game!  Jackie and I DOMINATED!

Saturday we headed outside of Austin to a cute little winery and had yummy snacks while the girls tasted wine

Not the best picture of me but here I am with my "wine".  It was Welch's grape juice.  When Katie called to book the tasting she said that two of the girls are pregnant and they said they have a beautiful grape blend for us to try.  Lindsey and I were excited thinking since it's a winery, the grapes must taste pretty good! We figured they were joking about that when they poured us the Welch's....

The five of us!  Back in college we did everything together!  Four of us were Kappas together, we all hung out together, lived with each other, & went everywhere together.  Inseparable basically, it was so much fun!  Since then I've also lived with Jackie and Megan at separate times in Dallas and now Katie and I live only five minutes apart.  Lindsey and I are due only three days apart with our first babies!

Jackie and Megan, the bride-to-be

Katie & I

Hanging out with some wine barrels

Lindsey and Megan in front of the grape trees that haven't bloomed yet

We kept laughing at Katie because she looked like such a tourist so we had to get a good picture of it  :)

This picture took a long time to get up!  Katie and I learned about our self timers on the cameras.  Apparently we also need to learn a little bit about taking pictures in the shade...

After the winery we headed to the Hula Hut for a late lunch (SO good!) and then back to the lake house to hang out
Meg & Katie

Lins, Jaks & me

Our lake house.  LOTS of stairs!

We ended the weekend with an awesome slide show and just hanging out laughing about some of the crazy stuff we've done together.  Fun times!  Congrats again Meg, only a few more weeks until you're Mrs. Dakan!!


michelle ellis said...

What a fun weekend!!! That house is so cute, and I LOVE the cupcakes!

Lindsey and Greg said...

What a fun weekend! You girls look beautiful! Congrats Megan!!