Friday, March 4, 2011

Cook Off Time!

Last weekend was the annual Houston Rodeo Cook-off.  Austin's team is the Smokin' Amigos and they put on a great three-day event as usual.

This year our family from Maryland came into town for cookoff!  They've heard so much about it in the past that they wanted to see what it was all about!
Tracy, Aunt Vicki, me & Uncle Tom

Me & the Hubs

My parents and their two preggo daughters (due less than a week apart from each other!  Apparently we like to make things interesting!)

Katie and me

I usually take Friday night off from cookoff since I go Thursday and Saturday.  Friday night my parents had the Autrey family over to hang out since the Maryland Autrey's were in town.  Leah put on a show as usual.  :)

Sister-in-laws Aunt Vicki, my mom and Aunt Janet

Leah mesmerized by Mickey Mouse while the rest of us ate dinner.  It's just about the only way for Tracy to make it through a meal if Leah has already eaten and isn't at home with her regular toys.

The Autrey cousins minus Allison and Diane.  Poor Ross is majorly outnumbered!

Saturday afternoon I drove a car full of people back to cookoff! 
My buddies for most of the night, Liz and Rach

They were serving some awesome food and Chris really enjoyed it!  So much that he started showing his "pregnant belly" so we had to compare our two bellies together.  Ha!

Dean, Rachel, Austin, me, Cindy & Mark all hanging out

Big Dan getting some attention from the ladies while Mike was jealous in the background

Paul & Chris

Austin & me finally getting to sit down for a few minutes

Me with my girl Liz!  She's not that much taller than me in real life.  I don't know why we look like this here.

Oh my gosh, it was SO crowded outside the tent all night!  They were going by the whole "one-in, one-out" strategy and when they let people in it looked like a mob!  Apparently Smokin' Amigos is a popular tent to be in at cookoff!  Luckily inside it didn't feel that crowded.

The little Smokin' Amigos guy is representing all over the tent

My pregnant buddy Jenny and me.  Let me tell you, when you aren't having a sip of alcohol, cookoff isn't quite the same as you remember it in years past.  We spent a lot of time looking around and talking about that Saturday night.

Chris, TK, Austin & Brad

I don't know these two crazies were up to but I do know they were having a good time!

The little Smokin' Amigos light up guy greeting you as you enter the tent

Cookoff is always so much fun but I don't think anyone is sad when it's over!  It's a looong weekend full of hanging out, drinking and eating but it's definitely a once a year kind of event.  These guys work SO hard for months to make it a great event and everyone has so much fun! 
Until next year  :)

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Stephanie said...

I don't think I knew your sister was pregnant. That's awesome that you are able to go through this journey together!!