Tuesday, July 10, 2012

4th of July Fun

We had a great 4th of July holiday!  It's the last of Hannah's "first holidays" and she had so much fun despite not feeling great.  When I picked her up from school on Tuesday she had made this beautiful artwork!  I could tell right away what it was but her Daddy didn't know until I told him, he just kept commenting on how big her hands are getting.  Ha.  It's an American flag!  It's her first artwork hanging on our fridge. :)

Wednesday morning Miss Thang was up and ready to celebrate the holiday!

Silly girl was laughing SO hard at Mommy! 

After taking a short nap we headed over to Lainey and Pops house for the afternoon to swim with the cousins!

Sometimes I see pictures like this and I'm just amazed at how pretty our little girl is.  I think she's just so beautiful.  And sweet.  And funny.  And happy.  :)

Little chipmunk cheeks

I think Pops is enjoying him some relaxing pool time!

Gabou came into town!  Leah was one happy girl!

Lainey and Tracy

Townsend party of three!  Hannah was making bubbles in this pic.




Daddy is just SOOO much fun!

Happy girl!

I wonder what made her stop and think to make this face.  Ha!

 On Thursday morning Tracy, Mary, my mom and me headed to the museum to see the Titanic exhibit.  It was so cool!  When you arrived they handed you a boarding pass that was a replica of what the passengers got to board the actual Titanic in 1912 (minus the parts that talk about it being a museum exhibit of course).  You got a little background info on your passenger and at the end of the exhibit you could see on the wall if you survived or not.  Tracy, myself and Mary all survived.  My Mom's passenger's fate wasn't so good... :(

Here we are boarding the Titanic

While I was at the exhibit Hannah's school called and said she was sick so that afternoon I took her to the pediatrician and found out she had another double ear infection.  :( 
Friday morning she stayed in her jammies since she didn't feel great and helped Mommy fold her clothes.  She was such a big helper!

Until I caught her like this....BUSTED! 

After I put a stop to the climbing business she was playing quietly in her playroom.  You know they're up to no good when it's quiet!  She discovered a new "toy" to play with, the DVD drawer! 

She just looked so sweet when she fell asleep for her nap. 

When she woke up she had a big surprise!  Aunt Jackie and Uncle Bryan came to visit!!  She was SO happy to see them!  Friday night we all met Katie and Box for dinner and then on Saturday night they came over for dinner and Hannah was the center of attention, just the way she likes it!  :)

Hanging out with Uncle Lunchbox!

Giving Gabby kisses

Love this face

Her expressions crack us up!

Sooo happy to have Jackie and Bryan here to visit!  She really loves her Uncle Bryan lots and I'm pretty sure the feeling is mutual!

Hannah and Mommy hanging out

Can you hear me now?  Walking while talking on her phone AND her circle toy!

Uncle Lunchbox, you're in my house!

On Sunday Austin got her new big girl carseat set up in my car.  She loved playing in it first.

She looks so little in it!  But so big at the same time. :(

Giving Gabby some more kisses before she went back home

I took a few pics at lunchtime

Silly girl

Love those long eyelashes!

And she did it again!!  NO NO NO Miss Hannah!  She was clearly very proud of herself. 


After I took a few pics of course, I got onto her for being such a little dare devil and made a note to thank Papa C for teaching her climbing skills....  The thought of her falling off that thing and hitting her head is enough to make my heart stop so we've been working on putting an end to this climbing business...that is until she's older and wants to climb anything and everything and does it the second I walk out of the room.  But for now, we're going to put a stop to it. ;)

She was such a big helper with folding the laundry that Daddy took her for a fun lap around the living room in the laundry basket, she had so much fun!

It was a great five days spent off work that went by WAY too fast!  I hope everyone had a great Fourth of July!


Stephanie said...

Wow, I had to stop and think...you're right! The 4th was the last of the first holidays for our girls. Tear!! My department is going to the Titanic exhibit next week, that's pretty ironic you just went! It sounds like a good time, just wish I was going with people I actually enjoy. :) You have a daredevil on your hands!! I love that she is so into exploring though and has no fear.

When she gets ear infections, are there any signs or symptoms? Chloe has been pulling on one of her ears and it actually looks like she scratched the inside. Then she started pulling on the other ear, but she doesn't act any different. I hate to not take her to the doctor if something's wrong, but I also feel like she's just found a new "toy."

The Townsend's said...

Hey Steph, when she gets an ear infection she usually just tugs on her ears a lot but this time she ran a fever also. She also just didn't feel well, wasn't moving as much, etc so I figured she had an ear infection and the dr said she did.