Saturday, July 28, 2012

Happy 1st Birthday Haley!

Sweet Haley Rae, I can't believe you are already ONE!!!  You are the sweetest baby I've ever met and we all love you soooo much!  You, your sister and your cousin are all so different from each other and we love that.  You have the sweetest personality and are so relaxed most of the time.  You are the definition of a Momma's girl for sure and you're happiest when you're in her arms.  You love watching your sister entertain you and you think she's just the funniest thing.  You and Hannah are just so sweet together, you both light up when you see each other and love to play together.  I think you will always be like that, just having a good time wherever you go!

Baby girl brand new to the world!

So pretty and peaceful

Sweet smiles 

Love those cheeks! 


Beautiful blue eyes

Happy girl! 

You are such a sweet and happy girl Haley and we love you so much!  Happy 1st birthday!!

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Stephanie said...

Happy birthday to up, Hannah!!