Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Celebrating Baby Emma

Saturday night a group of us hosted a baby shower for Katie and Kris (aka Lunchbox).  I am SO excited for them and we all can't wait to meet baby Emma!!
Katie, Emma and me

Katie decorated Emma's room in an owl theme, it is so cute!  We continued the owl theme for her shower.

Yummy cupcakes 

Cute little owls that were tasty too! 

This was the present pile before all the gifts were there!  Emma is set!

Amanda made the cutest little tree where we all wrote messages to Emma on the owls. 

Box opening his "Daddy toolkit" 

They got the sweetest Aggie quilt that our friend made them 

Box, I don't think that's the official use for the Bumbo.  Now that I think about it....I think I have the same picture of him with Hannah's Bumbo on his head! 

How cute are these little owl bloomers?! 

Even the Dad's don't get left out!  Box got his favorite Maker's Mark and a gift card to JCI! 

Cliff being a good host and taking some of their gifts to the car.  I should have taken a picture of the guy who was walking behind him...he's about six inches taller and was holding two bags.  It was pretty funny. 

Amanda and me 

Julie, Leanne, Dede and Marie 

It was a great baby shower and I think after all the gifts they got they are ready for Emma to make her appearance in just a few weeks!  We can't wait to meet you sweet girl!!

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