Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Can You Feel The Love Tonight?

The Saturday before last my mom, my sister and her friend Sarah went to see the Broadway production of The Lion King.  The Lion King and Wicked were both on my Broadway bucket list so now I have both of them checked off.  We went out for a nice dinner before and then headed to the show.

We kept trying to get a good picture of the four of us.  We had someone take a few pics of us outside with my camera and it kept coming out blurry for some reason.  We tried again inside with my cell phone and again, blurry.

So we tried the "self portrait" approach.  Clearly, we thought this was VERY funny!  Haha.  :)

Before we walked into the theater they had people taking pics so we tried that approach. 

Then we decided we needed a picture posing like lions since we were after all seeing The Lion King!  Haha.  Maybe it was the wine with dinner that helped us make that decision??  Maybe, maybe not. ;) 

The Lion King was good and the costumes were amazing!!  Best costumes I've ever seen for a musical but nothing can beat Wicked for best overall musical in my opinion.  Fun times!   

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