Friday, July 27, 2012

My Little Monkey

I think Hannah wishes she was a monkey, either that or she just thinks she is one.  She LOVES to climb on EVERYTHING!!!  This weekend CiCi and Papa C came into town to visit and Hannah decided that was the morning she would climb out of her crib.  Nice.  We aren't sure how this really happened but we have an idea.  We assume she used her bumpers as leverage to climb up the side and then just flip over onto the ground.  Her mattress was already lowered to the middle setting months ago but it is now on the lowest setting and her breathable bumpers are no longer there so she can't use anything as leverage to get out of her crib.  Isn't she supposed to be at least 1.5 years old before she attempts a stunt like that?!  On Saturday morning Mark checked on her and she was playing in her bed and then about five minutes later Cindy heard something in the hall and there she was, just making her way down the hall like it was normal!  She didn't even make a sound!!  No crying when she hit the ground, nothing!  Austin also noticed that she has two new teeth (for a grand total of EIGHT teeth now) and we didn't even know it, she didn't even fuss.   She amazes me daily. 

Brushing her teeth Sunday morning with Papa C!  She LOVED getting her teeth brushed by her Daddy but ever since she saw Papa C brushing his teeth she wants to do it herself! 

Here's another cute pic from our weekend.  Such a big girl!

We're working on the climbing thing and I'm happy to report that we haven't been surprised with a little monkey greeting us in the halls since!


Stephanie said...

Oh my gosh, she climbed out of her crib??? That is adorable that she just came barreling down the hall like it was no big deal. And could she look any sweeter while brushing her teeth?? I'm glad to hear that she doesn't mind having it done, maybe one of these days we'll have to start brushing Chloe's, assuming she ever gets any, ha!!

Ivy said...

Hannah cracks me up! I thought Paisley was a monkey! I can't believe how fast she is growing!! She's just precious. I love reading all her updates.