Monday, July 2, 2012

Hannah's Baptism

Last Sunday was a very special day for our sweet girl, she was Baptized!  

Such a beautiful little doll

I laugh when I see these pics, I can't decide if she looks more like a doll or like someone from Little House On The Prairie.  haha.
We were SO impressed with her!  We all fully expected that bonnet to last seconds before she pulled it off and she was so good and kept it on for 30 minutes!

Haley's face cracks me up here, she's like "O.M.G. Hannah, what is on your head!?" 

Autrey fam 

More Autrey fam  :) 

Townsends with Hannah's Godparents, Beth and Daniel 

Hannah being held by MY Godparents, Vernon and Lynda! 

CiCi and Papa C were there for her big day of course!

Hannah is ALL about pointing these days! 

The sign up for Hannah's Baptism  :) 

She did SO good!!  She just stared at Pastor Harry the whole time and even when he held her and put water on her head she just looked at him like "what's up?".  She is such a good baby. :) 

Hannah with her Godparents 

The whole Townsend fam 

After the service we headed over to my parents house for lunch.  I made these cookies for Hannah's big day.  They took me forever...but were worth it. :) 

Beth and her Mom made yummy cake pops too! 

There was lots of food and beautiful flowers everywhere! 

So pretty 

Me with my BFF! 

Lina and Hannah 

I love this pic.  Hannah is just giggling at Aunt Rachel and Dean.  She loves them so much! 

Little Lina looking super cute 

I was opening Hannah's presents for her and she was very interested in everything she was getting.  :) 

This was so funny.  We were trying to get a picture of the three babies, Lina was in a Haley & Hannah sandwich and didn't really know what to think! 

Poor Lina.... 

She's like "Mommy???  What's wrong with these two girls?!" 

Beth and Daniel with their Goddaughter Hannah and Austin and me with our Goddaughter Avery.  And sweet Payden. :) 

So, just to keep it real, this is what Hannah really looked like all day!  I just edited the pics so she didn't have a huge bruise on her noggin since she was dressed all pretty.  :)  This is what her goose egg turned into after a few days.  Her face cracks me up here.   

Such a great day spent celebrating our sweet girl! 


Ivy said...

What a special time! She is seriously the cutest thing!

Stephanie said...

Looks like a wonderful day! Is it crazy for you to see up in big letters, daughter of...and your name? It still hits me sometimes that I have a daughter.

Lindsey said...

Love the pictures! And you look great in the blue dress! So happy for Little Hannah!