Thursday, August 2, 2012


Our sweet girl had tubes put in her ears yesterday.  We were SO ready for this day and it really couldn't get here soon enough!  Poor thing has pretty much had a constant ear infection since January.  She's had one each month with the exception of April and a lot of times they just weren't going away.  You'd almost never know it though by the way she acted!  She doesn't let much get her down, that's for sure.  After a few months of her showing symptoms of having ear infections I had the signs down pat and almost always knew pretty quickly that she was sick.  She'd tug on her ear or stick her finger in it, hit her head above her ears with her hands, cry when we'd lay her down flat because of the pressure in her ears, etc.  It was sad. :(  But her mood really never changed.  At the beginning of July with her sixth infection her pediatrician decided she had enough and it was time for Hannah to see an ENT doctor and get tubes.  We knew this was the best decision and were so excited for her to get BETTER!!  Poor thing has been listening to her world like she was under water and probably was in constant pain with her ears.  Even with a few different kinds of antibiotics she would still get infections sometimes while she was taking the medicine to treat the previous infection!  So, Wednesday morning, bright and early we headed to the children's hospital for the big procedure.

Having so much fun in the waiting room!

Hannah made herself a little friend right away.  They played house together.  :) 

Dressed and ready for her surgery! 

While we waited on the doctor to get there Hannah had lots of fun playing with all their toys.  Here she is holding hands with a dinosaur. :) 

So much fun!  You would never know she hadn't eaten or had anything to drink since the night before.  She was SOOOO good!  The nurses kept telling us what a good baby she was and how it's usually not like this with little ones her age.  We were proud parents.  And not surprised one bit, we know how lucky we are.  :) 

She was starting to get sleepy so Daddy took her on a wagon ride.  She's just chillin'.  Soon after this picture the anesthesiologist came and talked to us about what she would be doing then Hannah held out her arms to go to her and off they went through the surgery doors.  It's like she knew it was time, she just went straight to her!  I got a little choked up watching her walk away but didn't cry. :)  It doesn't matter what is going on and how minor it is, when your baby is being taken away for any kind of surgery you get nervous.   

Her surgery was super quick and went great!  Poor thing had both ears full of puss so I know she will be feeling MUCH better now!  They called us back into the recovery room and she was still passed out.  Here I am feeding her some pedialite while she just snoozes away.   

This was the end of the peaceful moments.... 

Right after Austin took that picture our nice peaceful morning took a turn.  She woke up and was UPSET!!!  It was so sad.  :(  In the next hour we were in recovery she cried the entire time, pulled out her IV which ended up squirting blood on her face, her Daddy's face, my face, our clothes and the floor.  It was scary for a minute seeing all of that but the nurses were all over it and after I cleaned off our faces I looked at the ground it was all wiped up.  They move fast around there!  She finally calmed down after about an hour and we were allowed to go home. 

Sweet girl resting on her Daddy.  She didn't feel so good.  About 30 seconds after this picture was taken he passed her over to me and she got upset all over again.  She was not happy to be moved when she was all comfy.  A sweet nurse came over to me and asked if everything was ok and I said yeah, she just doesn't feel good after surgery and he was SO sweet.  He asked if he could hold her and she went straight to him (she will go to anyone) and just calmed down right away.  He was so sweet and walked her to the car with us, I told him he needed to come home with us.

She was so quiet on the ride home, she just looked out the window the entire time. 

Until the last 10 minutes and she finally fell asleep. 

I love our sweet baby girl. 

She had a pretty good afternoon and woke up and wanted to play play play!  She was super sleepy and was out by 6:45 and slept until 5:45 this morning.  I told Austin last night that maybe since she can finally hear now she will be a little quieter since everything is so clear.  So far it has been the exact opposite!  Baby girl is LOUD!!  I think she really just loves the sound of her own voice.  Ha!  That's ok, we love it too.  :)


Steve-n-Angela said...

Tube are seriously an amazing thing! Jack had his second set in April and they have amazed me since then! Glad it went well and she is handled it so well!

Stephanie said...

Awww, I just want to come swoop her up and hold her (not like you haven't been doing that nonstop yourselves). Her in those scrubs are just adorable, playing in the waiting room with not a clue what's about to happen. Looks like a great children's hospital you have. I'm so glad she is feeling better and hopefully this will be the end of the ear infections!

Chani said...

Oh, I just want to hug that sweet little baby girl!! My heart breaks for y'all...having to go through all that! But thank God all is well now. And can I just say one more time what a beautiful baby she is?? Gorgeous, Kelly... Love her!

kkasun said...

Wow, what a brave girl! I would be proud of her sweet little face too! She did so well and I hope that she feels better for good!!!!!