Monday, August 6, 2012

Leah's 3rd Birthday Party

Saturday morning we got up and played and I walked into Hannah's playroom and caught her like this.  She is such a little climber!  She cracks me up.  The face she's giving makes me worried though about what she was thinking about her Mommy catching her....  haha!

After playing for a little while we loaded up and headed across town to go to Leah's 3rd bday party!  It was at a bouncy place and it was PERFECT for a 3 year old party.  Low maintenance and kids just run around like crazy having so much fun.  I'm pretty sure Hannah will one day have a party somewhere like this because even at almost one year old the girl had a BLAST!!

How cute was her invitation?  Can you believe she's already THREE?!

Here she is bonding with Uncle Ryan  :)

We put her in the toddler bounce house and she was OFF!!  She didn't need any help getting around!

I love how happy she was when she was playing!  I told Austin our little monkey found her happy place.  :)

Hannah and Haley having so much fun!

Sweet Haley Rae

They had this little slide to climb up and slide down and Hannah could not get enough of it!  She was such a little girl on it, no more baby. :(

Look Mommy, I'm at the top!

Taking a rare moment to stop running around and take a pic with Mommy

Leah had the time of her life! 

While Leah and her friends were going on the blig slides Hannah just kept returning to her own slide!  Peeking over at Daddy :)

Such a big girl!

She saw the toys and thankfully she just wanted to window shop because none of that was coming home with us!

Then she spotted the big bounce house.  Sorry baby girl, you're not quite big enough for that yet!  She kept trying to climb up on it.  She is fearless.

Hannah and Daddy hanging out

Giving Lainey hugs!

After about an hour of bouncing around it was time for the birthday girl to get some cake!

Leah got a cake with all her favorites!  It was a chocolate cake with Disney princesses and Mickey Mouse characters all on a pink and purple cake!

Monkey Joe made an appearance while we sang happy birthday.  Leah wasn't thrilled....

Blowing out her THREE candles!

Once we got back to Tracy and Ryan's house Leah had a birthday surprise waiting for her!

Her very own pink and purple princess bike!  Can you sense a theme here?

Pops made good use of her balloons

The girl cleaned up!!  It looked like Christmas for the whole family and it was all just for her!  She's got a lot of friends. :)

Leah wanted to wear everything that she opened right away.  She LOVED her Tinkerbell outfit from Lainey and Pops!

Checking herself out

Then she opened her Tangled outfit with matching doll we got her and wanted to try that on too...

And then she wanted to wear the purple dress we got her and her Jake pirate gear. 

What a great birthday party for such a special girl! 

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Stephanie said...

Wow, three already? And I can't believe how big Hannah looks too!