Monday, August 13, 2012

Happy 3rd Birthday Leah!

Leah Shay, how can you already be THREE?!  There are too many things to say about you Leah to write in one post.  You are the funniest little girl I've ever met!  Seriously, you crack up everyone around you every single day.  You have such a special personality and you have since you were born.  We were all a little worried about how the transition would be for you from being the center of attention to sharing the spotlight with your little sister and cousin and you've handled it better than anyone could have imagined.  You definitely march to the beat of your own drummer and I love that about you.  From just your free spirit to the way you dress for school every day, you are 100% LEAH and no one else!  I hope you always stay that way.  I also hope you keep that sense of humor because it is the best!  The saying "turn that frown upside down" describes your attitude perfectly.  You are such a sensitive girl and don't like anyone to ever have their feelings hurt or be upset.  You are such a special girl and I hope you are having the best 3rd birthday a Princess/Jake/Mickey loving girl could ever dream of!

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We love you so much Leah Shay!!
Happy 3rd Birthday!

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