Wednesday, August 15, 2012

H & H 1st Birthday Party!

For the last six months I've been pretty busy planning this party...for the last three of those months I've been VERY busy putting everything together!  Not a weekend has gone by that something birthday related wasn't done.  Between Tracy and I there have been many phone calls on everything we were planning on doing, lists were made and a few vetoes were thrown my way (ME?? Going overboard??  NEVER!! ;))  I have to say, it was a fantastic birthday party!!  All that hard work paid off and the girls had a blast!  They may not have known the party was for them, but they still had so much fun all day long.

It was extra special because the big day was actually on Hannah's birthday!  I spent pretty much all day saying "this time last year".  It was fun to think back and give her a big hug and kiss at 1:11pm when she was officially a big ONE YEAR OLD! 

We started the morning off with a pancake breakfast for the birthday girl.  She was pretty happy. :)

After breakfast we headed over to my parents house, where the party was going to be held and started setting up.  There was LOTS to do and it took nine of us to do it all!  A HUGE shout out to Austin, my parents, Tracy and Ryan, my in-laws and Jackie for making this all happen!  You guys were GREAT!! 
Here are the precious invitations we had made.  The back was covered in the polka dots also.  Super cute.  I love that picture of the two of them together!

Welcome to Haley and Hannah's first birthday party! 

The backyard was transformed into Suessville!  With a pool of course because it's H-O-T in Texas this time of year! 

We had truffula trees (from The Lorax) all on the house, changing rooms and fences. 

The yummy dessert table!  I made the smash cakes and cookie favors, it was a lot of work but so worth it!

Chocolate cupcakes filled with strawberries and vanilla cupcakes.

There was birthday stuff everywhere!  I made these letters last minute and we put pictures of the girls together all over the house.

We placed 12 month photo banners back to back of the girls first year.  Hannah LOVED looking at them and pointed at the pictures every time she was near.


Birthday girl wearing Pops' hat.  My Mom and I made the girls matching outfits for the party!  They were super cute.  :) 

Hannah and Chris pointing at the picture banners 

Another fun and totally worth it detail to the party.  I spray painted an old picture frame and bought props from the dollar bins at the store and instant photo booth! 
Lainey and Pops

Hannah wasn't so sure about that new stache on Pops' face...

Or the flowers on Daddy's head

Daddy!  What IS that on your face?!  Take it OFF!!

Leah couldn't be left out either, she got her own Dr Seuss dress!  My Mom and I talked about making her a dress to match and she came to watch Hannah one night last week and by the time I got home there it was!  :)

Trying to get a good picture of the three girls proved to be pretty much impossible....

Hannah is tackling Haley (she's really trying to give her a kiss, she's all about spreading the germs love these days!) and Leah making faces behind them.  Hilarious.

The J crew!

CiCi and Hannah

CiCi, Hannah and Pops being silly

Silly Leah

Amber and Hannah hanging out

Some of my favorite girls in the world! 
Liz, Lina, Hannah, Haley and Tracy

Fish face!

The birthday girls about to get their cake on!  I thought their highchairs looked so cute.  I made those super fast.  The banners, not the highchairs.  ;)

Hannah:  Haley, you ready to get this party started or what?  Let's DO this!!

Digging in!

Here Haley, I'll help you out

Inspecting the candle

Haley wasn't a huge fan of the cake...

Hannah WAS a huge fan of the cake!  Haha!

Some of the party guests cooling off

These are two lucky girls!

The Meiners.  I love Jacob with that stache on.  So cute!

My girls!!  Love you!  Liz said Amber looked like a Mario Bros.  Ha!

Could Lina be any cuter?!

After most people left we started the present opening.  Hannah LOVES her new chair from CiCi and Papa C!  She sits in it every single day.

Wow.  It looked like Christmas morning....

Remember those letters that said ONE?  Yeah, Austin said I should have said NO more when planning this party.  Ha!  Whatever, it was awesome and he knows it.  ;)

Hannah going for a spin on her new bike from Aunt Tracy and Uncle Ryan!

Up next, the party details!  There was WAY too much to put in just one post!


Stephanie said...

I love it all!! The decorations turned out awesome and that treat table is making me hungry! We did the photo booth too and at the last minute I turned the frame into a decoration instead of a prop, but your pictures turned out super cute! Can't wait to read more!

kkasun said...

Wow, how cute!!!!!

I love the dresses and the trees the most!!!!

Also, do you know where they got that chair?

The Townsend's said...

The chair is from Pottery Barn Kids. She LOVES it!!