Wednesday, August 15, 2012

First Birthday Party Details

So, it's all about the details, right??  Well, if that truly is the case then this was a successful party!  There were a lot of little details that we planned to make this party what we hoped it would be! 

Several months ago I sat down during nap times and made this wreath by pushing in about 400-500 balloons until my thumbs were bruised.  It. Was. Awesome.  Ha!  But I think it turned out so cute and we can use for many birthdays to come!

Also several months ago I ran across these adorable letters online that this woman made.  They were all things Dr Seuss and were $15 each. thanks!  So, I went to the craft store and bought all the letters and materials (for $30 TOTAL!) and asked CiCi nicely if she wouldn't mind painting them for me.  She did an AMAZING job!!!

Look at all the detail!  I LOVE them so much!! 

I made the girls smash cakes.  They were strawberry cakes with buttercream icing.  You can see where a certain three year old got curious and wanted to touch the cakes.  Haha!

I also made the sugar cookie favors.  Yeah, not so easy....  But yummy and super cute! 

There were Cat In The Hat, H and 1 cookies. 

Here is a good picture of the back of the girls' outfits.  Precious. 

We put out pictures of the girls together and a few frames with Seuss sayings on them 

I just LOVE this picture!  SO sweet.  Hannah was two weeks old and Haley was one month old.  Look at those tiny toes!!

The Happy Birthday banner

The tables

The centerpieces for the tables.  So cute. 

These right here are what got this whole party theme started.  I found these truffula trees online and knew they would be so cute!  We placed them all over the backyard.

So, there are a few of the party details!  There's probably a few things I'm forgetting but that's the majority of it.  The party was a lot of fun (and hard work) to plan but it was SO worth it!  It was a great 1st birthday for two of the sweetest little girls!

Up next is the last birthday related post!


Stephanie said...

The letters look absolutely amazing!! And the treats look fabulous too, I can't believe you made all of those. It really is all the little details that makes the party come to life, and you had one heck of a party!

Chani said...

You are so creative, Kelly! I love all of it! The little one-year-olds are super lucky! (and adorable!!)