Wednesday, August 8, 2012

First Birthday Pictures

A few weeks ago we took Hannah to get some pics taken for her first birthday.  She was just SO good and LOVED the photographer!  She went right up to him and held her arms out for him to hold her.  She is the friendliest little girl, I swear!

Here are a few of the best ones.
I love how she has her arm over the 1 like it's her best buddy :)

Girl on the GO! 

Of course...she wanted to put the 1 in her mouth.  Yuck. 

So excited to be turning one! 



She loves to sit on anything like a big girl :) 

Melts my heart 

We also wanted to get pictures of her in her party outfit!  This gives you a hint to what the theme is.  My mom and I spent a few days making this and she just looks adorable! 

Sweet girl 

I get this look daily. ;) 

Such a smart girl already reading a book! 

So happy! 


Big girl! 

Cutest face ever! 

About a month ago we took pics of the girls for their party invitation.  We decided earlier in the year that it would be fun to celebrate them together since their birthdays are so close together and we have so many mutual friends and of course the same family.  We learned one thing for sure, Hannah LOVES cake!!  Haha!
Here are just a few of the pics.
I love that Hannah is just truly enjoying that cake and how Haley is watching her with her legs just resting on her cousins leg.  So sweet.

So excited to have cake!! 

I can't wait for Saturday to get here and be around all our family and friends to celebrate our precious girls!  It's going to be a GREAT day!!

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Steve-n-Angela said...

Oh my gosh! So adorable!