Thursday, August 23, 2012

Twelve Months Old!

Sweet Hannah Lee, you are officially a toddler now!  All of your baby traits are quickly going away, you are just getting so big every day.  You are still the sweetest little girl and we love you SOOOO much!  

Hannah, here is what you've been up to in your twelfth month!

Sleep: Not much has really changed in this area, you are still a great sleeper and sleep in a sleep sack every night (not at nap time anymore though, you’re over that now). You are going to bed around 7-7:30 and sleep until 6ish during the week (we almost always have to wake you up now) and usually around 7am on the weekends. You are taking one or two naps (one at school and usually two naps a day on the weekends) for a total of 2-3 hours each day.

Daily Routine: Your daily routine consists of playing all day with your friends and eating/napping. You are usually the first one to your class at 6:30am and I pick you up before 5pm. You have two bottles a day at daycare, eat breakfast and lunch that I send with you and snacks with all your friends and take one nap. At the end of the day we head home and you play with your toys and walk all around the house finding things to get into. You are BUSY!! You eat dinner around 6pm and then it's bath time and you take another bottle and you're out for the night.

Feed: We dropped your morning bottle this month so you take three bottles each day, one sippy cup of water and eat three meals and two snacks. For your meals you eat a fruit with oatmeal mixed in every morning or waffles/yogurt and a fruit and veggie and chicken/turkey every night. You still LOVE your organic puffs, Mum Mums, yogurt melts and little puff sticks for a snack too. We give you only table food now and you've loved all of it so far.

Weight: 22 lbs (63%)

Length: 30" (75%)

Head: 18.74” (96%)

Diaper Size: You wear size 3 Pampers during the day and you wear night time diapers at bed time.

Clothes Size: You're in all 12 month outfits and some of the onesies are getting a little tight since you’re tall.

Hair Color: Your hair has really grown this month! It's still a blondish color.

Eye color: You have big beautiful brown eyes.

Funniest moment: Girly, you are FUNNY!! You make us laugh so much and you love to laugh at yourself. It is just the cutest thing ever.  One of the cutest things you do now that makes us laugh is you see dogs in your books and say "woof woof" but it sounds more like "ruff ruff".  It is sooo cute!  I have lots of video of you doing this.  You also love to laugh at yourself in the mirror.  :)

Milestone: You got your seventh and eighth teeth this month!  Your vocabulary has really taken of since you got your tubes a few weeks ago. Your regular words are mama, dada, no, uh oh, nose, thank you (tank too), ball, hi and bye.  When I go in your room in the morning you will pop your head up and say “hi!”  It is so cute.  When you are upset about something you will come walking towards me (very quickly) with your arms spread out saying “mamamamama” over and over.  Of course I love those big hugs and you needing your Mommy.  You have become very affectionate this month too, you LOVE to give kisses to everyone, it is so sweet!  You will walk over to me several times a day just to give me a hug and kiss.  I LOVE it!!  You can recognize your eyes, ears, nose, mouth and hands. You also still love shoes. Anytime a shoe is on the ground you will pick it up, bring it over to one of us and we will say “thank you!” and you say “tank too”. You now say tank too when you pick up any shoe so we’re pretty sure you think shoes are called thank you… You love to read books more now than before and we will sit in your room (you always plop down in my lap for me to read you a book, I love it) and you will just hand me book after book and I will read about one or two minutes of it and you will hand me another book to start reading. You also have discovered straws this month and you love to drink water out of Mommy’s straw like a big girl.  You are so cute when you drink it too, afterwards you say "mmmm" like it was the tastiest water you've ever had.   You also now ALWAYS have some sort of mark on your face/head from bumping into things or falling down.  You don't let it phase you or slow you down one bit though.  When you hit your head on something you usually just keep on going like it never happened!

Your favorite toy: You're really into baby dolls right now.  You will see your doll or a stuffed animal and pick it up and give it a hug and carry it around with you everywhere.  It's so sweet.  You still love Baby Einstein so I put that on when you're playing in the playroom and you will stop and watch it in between playing with your toys.

Some of your firsts this month were:

First Surgery (tubes in both ears)

First birthday!!!

Here are some outtakes from your twelve month photo shoot.

Figuring out you have a bow on!

Giving Mr Lamb some love, as always. 


Serious!  Ha! 

Hannah, Mommy and Daddy are SOOOO proud of you and we still can't believe you are a big one year old now!  You are the best part of our day and we can't wait to see what another year brings!


Stephanie said...

I can't believe how many words she is saying! And the part about her coming to you with her arms out when she's upset, oh my goodness - so adorable! Sounds like you have the sweetest baby! :)

Steve-n-Angela said...

Time flies, right~!??? I am still in shock that Paige is already 6mths! And um she is 19 lbs and is already in a size 3 diaper... what?! Hannah is so freakin adorable!!