Sunday, August 22, 2010

Fun day with Leah

Saturday I babysat Leah at my house for a few hours while Tracy had a bridal shower to attend.  It's funny because I have absolutely NOTHING "baby" in my house.  No toys, no high chair or bumbo seat.  Nothing.  So, it was lunch time and I didn't know where I should feed Leah because she feeds herself now.  

We ended up on the kitchen floor because it was easiest to clean and she can't see the table if she's sitting in a regular chair.

This pic is blurry but I think it's so funny.

Leah really getting into the whole "free eating" thing.  Not exactly the same as being strapped into a high chair.

And then she took off crawling FAST and left little ravioli hand prints on my floor and carpet.  Ha!

So, that was the end of the floor eating.  We moved to the counter next.

After a major wipe down of both Leah and the kitchen (and my hair that now had ravioli sauce in it) and a change of clothes she wanted some milk.  But she didn't want to feed herself so I fed her the milk while she stood on her own the ENTIRE time!  :)  Such a big girl!  And a little high maintenance...  ;)

Silly Leah

Katie came by for about 30 minutes and for some reason Leah was NOT happy about having visitors!  This was her the entire time.  She wouldn't let me put her down.  It was so strange but I guess Leah just wanted Leah & Aunt Kelly time.

Awe, sweet baby girl

And this was taken about one minute after Katie left.  Silly little Leah.

See, I told you I don't have any baby stuff.  Leah's favorite toys at my house are the remote and pill bottle.  She LOVED shaking that thing!  And I LOVE child proof caps!  ;)

We ended the afternoon with some stacking.  She's very particular about stacking stuff, I think she's super smart.  :)

Things I learned from this baby sitting experience.

1. Get something for the baby to sit in if they are coming during a meal.
2.  Pill bottles and remotes work fine but have some baby toys at the house as backup.
3.  Once the baby figures out they are free, they WILL take off very quickly no matter how messy their hands are and you will end up with a BIG mess to clean up.
4.  Peek-a-boo and dancing usually will turn a mood around in your favor.  

We had a great time!


Steve-n-Angela said...

Amen! to your list!

Stephanie said...

Ha! I love that you fed her on the floor - bummer about the mess it left though. Oh the things we don't know until we have kids. You look like a natural!