Thursday, August 26, 2010


Last week Tracy invited me out to dinner for Friday night.  She had all kinds of tricks up her sleeve and little white lies she told me to explain why she was on my side of town, why it would be easier to pick me up even though I lived out of the way, etc.  When we arrived at the wine bar some of my friends were there for a surprise pre-30th birthday night out (my actual 30th bday is 9/9)!  After the surprise set in the first thing I said of course was "I don't have my camera!" followed by "I would have dressed a little nicer"  Ha!  Luckily Amber had her camera so all was right with my world.  ;)

One of the little schemers Liz and me (I asked her on Friday what she was doing over the weekend and she avoided answering me and now I know why)

Liz, me, Tracy & Pig

Amber, Angela, Liz and me

The girls!  They were all so sweet to come!

After we left the wine bar we headed across the street to hang out some more. 
Here's the secret planner and me.  She's the BEST!  :)

Pig, Angela and Liz

This is how it usually goes on a night out.  Half of the pictures are of everyone else and half the pictures are of Liz.  The girl is entertaining!  I have lots of pics of her from Friday night but I'm going to choose not to put them on here.  ;)  She's pretty funny.

Thank you girls so much for a great night out!!  Y'all are the BEST!  And you actually managed to surprise ME!!  It's not easy to do since I like to know every detail about everything I'm doing.  Ha!

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