Sunday, August 15, 2010

Leah's 1st Birthday Party!

Saturday was Leah's 1st birthday party.  It was a blast!  The birthday girl wasn't so sure about all the people there but I think she had a good time.   :)

Leah's door sign

The theme of the party was beachy so this is the cake I made.  Everything was edible!  Except the plate of course.  ;)

The big cake and Leah's smash cake.  They both were strawberry cake.

Snow cone machine

Tables with bubbles and buckets

Cute centerpieces

Great day for a pool party!

Leah's banner with all her pictures by month.  It was so cute.  :)

Me & Tracy before all the guests arrived

Gary, Jolene and Gabby

Me & Dave

The birthday girl with her Aunt Kelly.  She had just woken up and wasn't sure why so many people were there.

Dad, Gary, Jolene, Brenda and Aunt Shirley

The grill master, Austin!  He made us some yummy food.  :)

Cake time!  The birthday girl wasn't so sure about that...

Josefovsky family

Leah enjoying her some icing


She preferred to be fed instead of feeding herself

Cake time OVER!

Leah loved her kitchen that Uncle Austin and I made for her!  More about that here.

Already stashing stuff away!

Whatcha cookin' Leah?

Happy girl!

Leah checking out all her loot!

My girls!  Liz, Katie and Amber

Audrey and Tracy

Erica, baby Clark (who turns 1 next!) and Tracy

Chris with Gabby

It was a great party!  I wish I had gotten more pictures but I guess I was too busy talking.  Shocking!  ;)
Happy birthday Leah!

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