Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I Love BP!

Not that BP, the Brad Paisley BP!  As most of my friends know, he's my favorite singer.  :)  Friday night Jackie and Bryan came into town and we all headed to the Brad Paisley concert.  It was so much fun!  SOOOO hot but so much fun!

Jackie and I riding along to the concert

Remember when people used lighters during concerts?  (I think that's totally dumb by the way...)  Anyways, my phone has a lighter on it.  It's called "concert light".  Ha!  I didn't use it.  Well, except here in this picture to show it off.

Well hello there Mr Paisley!

Austin and I in a rare moment when I wasn't singing/dancing.  :)

So close yet so far!

Another rare still moment.  I look at pictures like this and wonder if my neck hurt while taking it.  I know it didn't but it kind of looks like it should! Ha!

Sweaty Austin, Jacs, me and Bryan.  It was SO hot!

Austin spotted these ladies so I made him take a picture with them.  Clearly, they were very happy about this!  BP sings a song called "Alcohol" and one of the lines is about putting a lamp shade on your head.  They took that very seriously.  ;)

It was such a fun night!!  He puts on an AWESOME concert and I can't wait until his next tour when he comes back!

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