Monday, August 2, 2010

Girls Night!

Saturday night Leah and I had a girls night while her Mommy and Daddy got to enjoy a birthday dinner out. The night didn't last too long since she was asleep soon after they left but we had fun until then. :)

Silly Leah getting ready to eat dinner

She's so funny

Leah's 1st taste of broccoli, not a huge fan...

She was taking a stand! No more broccoli!

Miss Leah with her funny faces

Hey there big girl! Leah, always with something in her hand.

Leah was very interested in the toilet paper

Is it tasty?  Yuck!

Brody was soooo excited to babysit as you can see.

Leah was just playing along and then just decided right then that it was night night time.

Do these monkeys make my butt look big?? 

I took this picture around 7am on Sunday morning from the bed while Leah watched her some Mickey Mouse. She loves Mickey. She just stands there and laughs and dances along with the show.

Pretty girl Sunday morning

Leah is definitely a morning person!

Thanks Leah for being so good for your Aunt Kelly!

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