Friday, August 13, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday Leah Shay!!

I can't believe it but my precious little niece is ONE today!!  Here are a few of her 1sts that I captured and just some really cute pictures of Leah.  :)

Leah and Aunt Kelly meeting for the 1st time

Mommy and Leah

Uncle Austin, Aunt Kelly and little Leah who apparently wasn't too happy at the moment

I love this picture!  Day one and already upset people weren't doing what she wanted  ;)

Eskimo kisses

Pops giving some love

Pops, Lainey and Leah

Little cutie hanging out during one of MANY photo shoots!

1st time babysitting Leah!  The entire day wasn't this happy.  Leah really wanted me to learn the hard way!  ;)

1st Thanksgiving

1st professional family picture

Santa's Little Helper

Leah's 1st Christmas!

Happy girl with Uncle Austin

1st set of wings!

1st tankini

Leah LOVES the pool!

1st baseball game!  Baltimore Orioles

Love her!

Leah with her two favorite people!

1st 4th of July

Melts my heart

Miss Thang

Pretty Leah

Leah, you have made all of our lives so much fun this year!  We smile and laugh every time we're around you.  I call it "The Leah Show".  We literally all sit around and stare at you and play with you.  You're such a funny little girl already and definitely know what you want!  You have no problem letting us know exactly what that is either.  ;)  You are SO loved by everyone on both sides of your families and I think we all feel very blessed to have you as our 1st grandbaby/niece. 
I love you my little Leah bug!!
~ Aunt Kelly


Tracy said...

Ok, that is the sweetest post ever! But of course, I am a bit biased. I love all the pictures! Leah is very lucky to have you as her aunt!

We love you,
Tracy & Leah

Ivy said...

Happy Birthday, Leah! Too bad you and Paisley couldnt share a birthday!