Sunday, May 29, 2011

30 Weeks

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 30 Weeks, I can't believe I'm already at the 30 mark!! 
Size of baby: Hannah is about the weight of a head of cabbage, around 3 lbs and about 16 inches long, and believe me, I can tell she's getting bigger!
Total Weight Gain: 17 lbs
Maternity Clothes: All maternity clothes
Gender: GIRL!!! Hannah Lee Townsend
Movement: Lots of movement! She's making bigger and longer movements than before now.  Not as much kicking and punching as before, it's more like rolling and body parts trying to pop out of my belly.  Ha!  I was in my chair at work leaning in towards my computer screen the other day and I guess that wasn't comfortable for Miss Hannah because she literally made me move positions.  She lodged herself up there so I couldn't sit like that anymore.  Well, excuse me Hannah....  ;)  The other night I swear she was trying to bust out of there too!  Whatever she was doing was so hard it took my breath away, I was laying on my side and she was trying to get out the other side!
Sleep: I'm still falling asleep super eazy and early but I'm waking up before the alarm every morning now.  Add that to my new commute of two hours a day and I'm one tired momma!
Cravings: Sweets
What I Miss: Not much other than being able to move around like a normal person.
Symptoms: Heartburn and absent mindedness.  The swelling has been a lot better this week (only if I stay inside though) but I no longer am wearing my wedding bands anymore.  :(
Best moment this week: My baby shower!  It was perfect and so much fun!!  Hannah is very loved!

Tuesday night Austin and I attended a Breastfeeding Basics class at the hospital.  It was really helpful and I'd recommend any first time parents attend a class like this if it's available in your area.  FYI, to all Dad's out there who might try to fight going to this class, every mom-to-be had her spouse there except for a few women, it's really helpful to have the guys there to learn so when you're frustrated and tired and can't figure things out they can help or at least understand what's going on.  That's just my opinion at least.  So anyways, we were given a survey when the class finished and I took a look at Austin's answers before we left.  When I got to the bottom I started laughing out loud.  Look closely, and keep in mind, this is a BREASTFEEDING class!  His answer to what was the most helpful part to him was "Dad stuff" and his least helpful part was "Breast stuff"!  Well, I'm glad that he enjoyed the DAD part of the class but I think the breast part was pretty important to considering the class we were attending!  Ha!

I hope everyone has a great Memorial Day weekend!

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