Friday, May 6, 2011

SHOW US YOUR LIFE - Vacation Spots

It's been a while since I participated in SUYL from Kelly's Korner but I have two vacation spots that I just LOVED so I figured I'd share about them!  The 1st is our honeymoon location in March 2007.  We went to Nassau, Bahamas and stayed at the Sandals Royal Bahamian.  LOVE LOVE LOVED it!!!  We couldn't have asked for a better honeymoon, PERFECT weather, awesome food and just the friendliest people everywhere!  Sandals impressed us in every way from the delicious food to the 1st class service.  I think because Nassau is such a tourist location everyone there is happy to cater to you and try to make your stay as wonderful as possible.  I don't have much advice on where to eat other than the resort since it was all inclusive and there were 10 restaurants there but we did go on the most amazing excursion one day.  It's a company called Powerboat Adventures and it was awesome!  My Aunt and Uncle gave this day to us as our wedding gift and it was the best present if you're looking for a gift for someone going to the Bahamas for their honeymoon.

Austin posing on a hammock when we arrived.  Funny guy

The Powerboat Adventures boat.  It went 60mph!

Newlyweds enjoying our day on the excursion!  Can you believe that water?!

The excursion was our favorite day for sure.  We snorkled, watched the guys feed sharks, we fed stingrays and iguanas and some of us gave the island boar a good back scratch!  It was a fun filled day :)

Beautiful view of the island we spent the day on

Us on our last day in the Bahamas!  We've said since we left there that we're going to go back one day for sure!  Have I mentioned that I love it there??  ;)

My 2nd favorite vacation spot is Crested Butte, Colorado.  Austin and I went with some of his family in July 2008 and it was awesome!  The weather was unbelievable!!  A HUGE change from the summer heat here in Texas!  It was perfect mid-70s during the day and cool at night.  Crested Butte and the surrounding areas have SO much going on in the summer time.  We fished, hiked, ate at awesome restaurants (they all were good), played outdoor games in the evenings, watched an outdoor concert one night and went white water rafting (my favorite day).

The house we stayed in for the week.  It was awesome!  You don't even need an air conditioner and we slept with the windows open every night. 

The historic downtown.  It is right out of a movie, I swear.  It's so cute with shops and restaurants.

We spent a lot of time driving around just looking at the views and houses.  This dog was just hanging out on the front porch, it looked fake!

One day we went on a hike in the mountains, it was beautiful!!

So pretty

My mother-in-law Cindy, me and sister-in-law Rachel enjoying the hike!

We spent another day fishing at this beautiful lake.  I think it is called Lake Irwin.

Just a normal view for the residents of Crested Butte

I can't wait to go back!  We might be going back next summer and I'm already ready!

If you ever get the opportunity, you should check out both of these places!  They are amazing and I can't wait to go back to them both one day!

Have a great Friday!

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mattandlinz said...

I love the pictures of Crested Butte!! I am from Colorado but live in Texas now!! You just made me extremely homesick :) and I've actually never been to Crested Butte so now I have yet another excuse for a Colorado vacation!