Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Baby Shower Fun

This past Saturday my wonderful sister, some of my best friends and my Godmother hosted a baby shower for Hannah and me.  It was perfect!  They put so much work into it and I didn't get pictures of everything but it was just so cute and went with the theme of Hannah's room.

The cake table

The cute cake that Beth and her Mom decorated and the favors that Amber put together. 

The favors up close, there were little candy rattles in there and jelly beans.

There were BEAUTIFUL flowers everywhere!  I have this one and a few other arrangements in my house now and they still look so pretty!  Hannah's blocks that are in her room to match her bedding are showing with the flowers.

My awesome Godmother Lynda and me

The cute wreath Liz made for the door

Me with my lovely hostesses! 

Tracy and me with the cute sign Liz made behind us.  I didn't get a better picture of it but it matches Hannah's room. 

Baby bumps! 

Autrey girls

When you're having a baby you get excited about things like the Diaper Champ.  Ha! 

The cutest clothes line of clothes that my Mom and Tracy got Hannah

SO many cute outfits!! 

Beth and me 

The Autrey/Woodman side of the fam

Tracy and me with our cousin Emily

Here are just the clothes that Hannah got at the shower!  You can't even see all of them because they're stacked on top of each other!  She's going to be one stylish girl :)

Thank you again so much girls for the AWESOME baby shower!  Hannah and I feel so loved and got so many great things for her arrival!  Y'all are the best!!  Thanks also to everyone who came, I didn't get pictures here of you all but I'm so lucky to have such great family and friends!


Ken said...

looks like a really cool house

Stephanie said...

What a wonderful treat for you and Hannah! Looks like it was a great day and a very nice shower.