Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Pool Time!

This past Saturday, after my baby shower some of us got into the pool and let Leah entertain us.  She LOVES the pool!  She had so much fun playing with her Pops.

You think it was a good Saturday for her??  I think her face says it all!

This was when she was yelling "Pop!  Wawa!" and pointing at him because he was splashing water on her.  It was so cute.

Eating a post-pool snack of bananas

I have no idea what she's pointing at but it's a cute picture of her anyways.  She's getting so big!!

This video cracks. me. up!  She was having such a good time and was being so silly.  We have NO idea what she's doing or why she's making those noises but I guess it's just her having a good time!

Looking forward to a summer of pool time until the babies get here!

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