Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

Over the Memorial Day weekend we had FOUR cookouts to attend!  I only managed to take pictures of one though, oops!  It's getting harder to remember my camera these days because honestly, my brain just doesn't work right anymore.  Ha!  For real people, I speak my own language these days.  It's ridiculous.  Austin usually just laughs and corrects me so that helps some.  If I wasn't eight months pregnant then I'd be pretty embarrassed about how absent minded I've become.

On Saturday we headed over to Katie & Lunchbox's house for the last crawfish boil of the season.  YUMMY!  I think I ate my weight in crawfish that day.  And then I paid for it later by all the swelling that occurred from the salt....  There were lots of people there, I just didn't get any pictures of them, it was too messy to have my camera around all those mud bugs!

Big Dan & Austin ready to get their crawfish on!

Austin and his whale, I mean wife!  Just kidding.  Hannah is getting BIG in there though!!

Poor little guy didn't have a chance up against Big Dan!

YUMMY!!!  I'm not sure if crawfish boils are just a southern thing or not so some of you may think this is weird but I promise you they are TASTY!  I never liked them as much as I do pregnant!  Back when Austin and I were dating I used to make him crack them open for me and I'd just eat the meat.  Now, there is NO time for that silly nonsense!  I have my own pile in front of me just like the big boys.  :)  That's not just my pile though, I promise!

Getting some sweet newborn time in.  Austin even wanted to hold little 6-week old Rowan for a while.  She's so tiny and sweet!

On Sunday before we headed to cookout #3 in the afternoon and then #4 at night we went to my parents house for a little pool time with Leah!  Again, there were other people there besides Leah, I just didn't get any pics of them.  I should work on that....

I love all the faces she makes

Leah wanted to be a big girl and just wanted to hold onto the noodles and kick her legs!

Can you tell she's having fun??

Holding on tight!

After swimming we went to our friends house for a nice BBQ and then we headed back home at night for a neighbors BBQ.  I had noticed all weekend long that my feet were swelling pretty bad.  Oh.  My.  Gosh.  Did they ever swell!!!  It was BAD!!!

Here is a picture I took of my feet back at 25 weeks pregnant when they were just starting to swell.  Ignore my crooked big toes, it's weird, I know but I can't straighten them and it's just the way it is so I'm over it.  This is what NORMAL Kelly feet look like!  I miss these feet....

This was Sunday night after all the weekend festivities.  These are my 30 weeks pregnant spent all weekend outside in 95 degree heat eating salty foods feet. DEEEEESGUSTING!!!

Yes folks, that's what a thumbprint looks like on my feet!!  I'm just keeping it real here people, it's not pretty.  And no, it doesn't feel good either!  My poor little feet have been swelling like crazy since Friday and for some reason my left foot always swells worse than my right, who knows why.  I wore flip flops all weekend long and they aren't even tight AT ALL and you can still see the indentions from the straps.  My feet looked like they were broken or something by how swollen they were!  Sad little feet....  Austin gives me foot rubs every night now and he just laughs at how swollen they are, he'll rub the top of my feet and his fingers will just leave marks that stay for several minutes.  For anyone who is wondering, I drink TONS of water too!  I guess it's just my "welcome to your 3rd trimester of pregnancy in the summer" present!  That's ok, I'll take it. ;)

Needless to say, I didn't do much on Monday....  It was a fun and busy weekend!  I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day!

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Stephanie said...

That first pic of your swollen feet didn't look too bad, but that second one...you poor thing! Get to restin with those feet up! :)