Thursday, August 15, 2013

24 Months Old!

Here we are, at Hannah's LAST monthly update!  I decided since she's slowing down as far as growth and development we would probably just make these a quarterly thing from now on.  I can't believe it though, my sweet little baby girl is now TWO YEARS OLD!   

Hannah Lee, here's what you've been up to this month.

You are talking NONSTOP!  You speak full on sentences now!  They are less than 10 words, but they are still sentences.  :)  You are just so so smart.  Your teachers often tell me how you're doing things that your friends aren't quite ready for just yet (you went pee pee in the potty FOUR times yesterday at school!!).  You repeat things that we didn't know you heard or knew daily.  Every night when I'm making dinner I have Friends on the TV in the living room and you're always running around playing (usually in your playroom) while I'm cooking.  So, the other night you pointed at the TV while Friends was on and said "that's Ross!".  Haha!  Yes, Hannah, that is Ross, I had no idea you paid that close attention.  Being the Friends fan that I am, I've now taught you what each characters name is.  ;)  You also can sing your ABC's, count to 20 in English and 10 in Spanish, all of this on your own!  You LOVE anything baby related and are such a good Mommy to your baby dolls.  You put them in their beds/stroller, tuck them in and give them a kiss goodnight.  It's so sweet.  You still love Mickey Mouse Clubhouse but lately you've liked Sophia and Doc McStuffins also.  We watch less Elmo these days but you still love him and all the characters.  A lot.   

You are funny funny funny!  You make us laugh so hard every day!  You have a great sense of humor and you love to be tickled.  You will lay on your Daddy's lap and say "tickle Daddy, tickle" and he will tickle you while you laugh SO hard.  It is infectious and we're all laughing while you're being tickled. 

You have such a sweet spirit and are just so sweet to everyone.  You started doing the sweetest thing this month.  Every night after we say our prayers I kiss my fingers and touch your cheek and you started kissing your fingers and touching your own cheek after I do.  It melts my heart.  You are just too sweet. I hear all the time from people how much they love your sweet voice.  It's so high and just sweet sounding, I love it.  When you're "serious" about something or disobeying you will make your voice much deeper and say "no" or whatever you want to say.  It's funny.  Speaking of disobeying, you've been much better about that these last few months!  A while back you went through about a month long phase of being in timeout frequently but I honestly can't remember the last time you went in timeout now.  It's been a while.  If you're doing something wrong we say no or ask you if you want to go in timeout and you just stop doing it.  I'm sure this will change soon but we're enjoying it while it lasts.  :)

You are still a big girl!  I'll update later with your exact stats from your dr appt but you are getting heavy for your Mommy!  I'd guess you're about 28lbs.  You have big feet too!  You measured right at a 6.5 so we got you a size 7 shoe last week.  You don't get that from your Mommy for sure!  You wear some 18-24 month clothes but mostly I put you in 2T now.  There's still some room to grow but you fit!  You are still in size 4 diapers and we're about to move you into size 6 night time diapers. 

You had a big month of firsts!  You had your first night in your big girl bed, your first black eye (more on that later) and your first trip to the movies (Despicable Me 2)!  Here you are "sleeping".  You love to do that for some reason lately, when you see me with my camera/phone out (especially while you are in your car seat) you will say "Hannah sleeping!" and start snoring.  It's so cute.  So, here you are "asleep" while I'm taking your picture.  Silly girl.

Hannah Lee, we are SO proud of you!  Your Daddy and I love you more than you'll ever know!  You are the BEST little 2 year old in the world and we can't wait for another great year with you!

Love, Mommy

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Stephanie said...

Happy birthday, birthday girl!! Two years, where has the time gone? And size 7 shoes?? Holy moly! Sorry to hear about the black eye...sounds like there might be a story there...