Friday, August 16, 2013

Five On Friday

Welcome friends!  I'm linking up again to Darci for this weeks Five On Friday!

This week was a big one in our house!  Miss Hannah turned TWO YEARS OLD!!!  I can't believe it.  So, this is pretty much centered around her.  :)


We have the most AMAZING friends ever!!  Jackie and Bryan came into town for Hannah's bday and spent most of Friday night helping us get ready for the big party.  Yes, that would be Bryan on the ground wrapping up water bottles with Mickey Mouse duck tape.  He rocks.  And yes, I know that I'm crazy for asking someone to do that.  ;)


This girl right here has the BEST time with her grandparents!  Unfortunately sometimes that leads to injuries and a few minutes after this picture my poor baby got in a fight with a potted plant and lost which resulted in a black eye the day before her birthday party. 



Hannah's Mickey Mouse pancake party!  She had the best time and it made ALL that hard work worth it! 

On her actual birthday (Sunday) we went to the movies for the first time!  She sat through the entire thing and did great!!


My girl has some serious style.  Haha!  I love it.  She has on a winter hat (because it gets sooo cold here in H-town, especially in August), one sock, a baby headband around her knee and a necklace.  Oh, and her most awesome accessory of the black eye.

We are so excited about our fun filled weekend that starts about 5pm!  I hope you all have a great Friday!

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