Thursday, August 22, 2013

Hannah's Mickey Mouse Pancake Party!

Saturday, August 10th, the day before Hannah's 2nd birthday we had her a Mickey Mouse pancake party!  This was the picture on the invitation in her cute bday party outfit.  I love it!  It now is stained with blueberries...  Such a cutie!

The guests arrived and knew they were at the right place with the sign Austin and I made for her.  My camera fogged up big time because it was THAT humid outside!

Her cake table with the book I asked everyone to sign and leave Hannah a birthday message.  We did the same thing last year with a Dr Seuss book and I love looking back on it!

What two year old party is complete without a bounce house?!  The kiddos LOVED it!

CiCi and Dean, the pancake makers!

The Townsends!  She was happy, I promise.  Yes, her face is a little banged up but that didn't slow her down.  The story behind that was on Friday I ran around all day doing party stuff while she played with her CiCi and Papa.  They were playing outside and she was having SO much fun getting sprayed by the water hose and then one thing led to another and she tripped and her face had an unfortunate meeting with a potted plant.  It was NOT GOOD!  I walked outside right as it was happening and my poor baby was hysterical but after some extra snuggles, loving and watching Tangled, she was feeling much better.  So, this will always be remembered as the "birthday with the black eye".  Nice.

Hannah with her CiCi and Papa!  She smiled ALL day long EXCEPT when I asked her to.  Of course.

Sweet Emma with her Minnie ears on.  I learned something this year.  I will NEVER EVER EVER make party favors again!  EVER!  Haha!  I made the ears for all the kids and that took forever and I also made the cookies as favors.  Next year I'm going to the party store.  ;)  But, they are all super cute!

Hannah and some of her friends at their own little table eating yummy pancakes

Avery and Rhett handing out.  He was super excited about that as you can tell.  ;)

It's Emma again!  She's SO close to walking on her own now!

So, before the kids went outside to bounce Hannah pulled out some of her old toys to play with.  There she is at the coffee table playing with blocks she probably hasn't touched in two months.  Typical.

Showing Blakely how it's done!

Amber and Paul came to party

Beth and baby Rhett

This makes me laugh.  We opened presents and there were many where my enthusiasm was just a tad over the top...  ;)  I wanted to make sure she knew how awesome all her presents were!

She is just so cute.  Messed up face and all.

She opens an awesome present and she was more interested in the bow.  Ha! 

Talk about a winner!  Amber and Paul got her a Minnie Mouse baby and it was a HIT!!

She loved on it right away.  So sweet.

Hannah has a book with her own name on it now!

Hey Haley, you having fun girlfriend?  Haha.  I promise you, she was.  She's so funny.

Peyton was having lots of fun!  We had a Peyton, Payton and Peydon all at the party.

Time for cake!  She didn't know what to think of everyone singing to her.

Blowing out the candle!

Hannah and her Daddy

Beth and Peydon

I love doing this for parties, it's so much fun!  We had another "photo booth" setup.

This picture of Avery cracks me up

After everyone started heading out Haley and Hannah wanted to swing.  They are just SO cute together!

Beth and Hannah giving kisses

I made Minnie and Mickey cookies for the party that were decorated with black and red icing.  This is what happens to your mouth when you eat black icing.  :)

After all our friends left we played pin the nose on Mickey with Leah, Hannah and Haley.  It was SO funny!  It was probably one of my favorite parts about the day. 

Leah taking her turn

Haley spinning around before her turn

And then there was Hannah.  Mask crooked...

Going for Mickey...  You're getting warm!

Now you're a little colder..

And just getting icy at this point.  Haha!  She didn't care, they just had the best time!

The next day Hannah was still having fun with her birthday balloons!

It was a GREAT birthday party!  Almost every single person we invited came out to celebrate our girl with us!  Hannah had the BEST time and it made all that hard work sooo worth it!  Up next, the party details.

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Chani said...

What a CUTE party!! You are so creative! I love Hannah loving on her little gifts. Such a sweet girl!