Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Cousin Fun

A few weekends ago Austin, Hannah and I headed over to Tracy and Ryan's house for the day so the girls could get together and play.  We got there early and stayed until that night!  It was a FULL day for us, we started out with a trip to get Hannah's two year old pictures taken, then we headed to our neighbors shop in Old Town Spring so Hannah could meet Mickey and Minnie.  She was SOOO excited!  I was actually a little surprised because I expected her to just flip out over Mickey but it was Minnie who made her start running!  Here she was just running over to give her a hug.  It was beyond adorable and made my heart so happy.

Giving Minnie a big hug!

Checking Mickey out

Hannah with her favorites!

Saying bye to Mickey.  She spent probably 30 minutes outside with them and Daddy while I shopped inside.  She and Minnie even played a little game of peek-a-boo.  :)

All that excitement wore her out!  Good thing she got a nap in because she was in for a busy and fun afternoon.

Once we got to Tracy and Ryan's we right away went out in the backyard to play.  Hannah and Leah were just getting started when Haley woke up from her nap.

So much fun! 

Hannah yelled "WEEEE!!!!"

Haley ran as fast as she could to catch up to the other girls!

She didn't waste any time.  These girls are all fearless by the way.  Especially our little munchkin.

Leah was having a blast

This was so cute watching Hannah just following Leah around.  When did they all get so big?!

After all the backyard fun, Uncle Ryan took the girls for a wagon ride out front.

Sweet cousins!

This is how we ended the night.  The adults had a yummy steak and shrimp dinner while the littles were in a Mickey Mouse coma apparently. 

Thanks for such a fun day!  Hannah LOVES her cousins SOOOO much!!

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