Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Happy Birthday Leah & Haley!

Two weeks ago was Haley and Leah's birthday party!  Since their birthdays are only two weeks apart (Haley 7/28, Leah 8/13), Tracy and Ryan had one BIG party for both girls at a bounce house place.  Hannah had a BLAST!!  Our girl doesn't mess around, she goes straight for the big slides! 

And she loved it!

Lainey was there when she got off the slide!

Now it was Haley's turn on the big slide.  Those kids flew down that slide fast!

After bouncing, sliding and running all over the place it was time for pizza and cake!  The girls got a pretty princess cake.  :)

This was so cute, the worker guy said to raise your hand if you wanted cheese pizza and here was our big girl with her hand raised.  When did she get so big?!

Tracy and her birthday girls.  I promise, they were really happy.  ;)

Hannah cracks me up.  She had her eyes on that cake!  She wanted to make sure no one took that away from her.  Haha!

Blowing out the candles!

Then Monkey Joe entered the room to say hi to everyone.  Haley was less than thrilled...

Hannah was super excited

Hi Monkey Joe!

After the party we headed back to their house to watch the girls open all of their presents.  It took a while, there were LOTS of presents!

It was a great day celebrating two of my favorite girls!  Happy birthday Haley and Leah!  We love you sooo much!!

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