Sunday, November 15, 2009

Going Through the Big D...and I DO mean Dallas! ;)

This weekend Austin and I headed up to Dallas for our Goddaughter Avery's 2nd birthday.  I can't believe she's already 2!!  I remember calling Beth and Jackie at the hospital every few hours when Beth was in labor getting updates on when sweet baby Avery was about to enter the world. 

Avery and I meeting for the 1st time!  November 2007

Avery and I at her 1st birthday party November 2008

Avery and I at her 2nd birthday party!  November 2009

Austin & I with our precious Goddaughter!  She's such a cutie  :)

Cute cupcake cake that Beth made

Avery taking the 1st swing at her cupcake pinata

Jackie & Avery with some of her pinata treasures

Avery TEARING into her gifts!  She was all over that tissue paper!

Blowing out her birthday candle

Beth (with baby #2!), Avery & Daniel

Loving some cupcake!

Avery sitting on her new baby doll.  I guess she thought it was a dog or horse....

Avery saying "thank you godfather" to Austin.  It was so cute!  Normally we don't go around calling each other godfather and godmother.  Ha!  Usually Avery calls us Kelly or Austin (when she's egged on)

After the birthday party we went by Jackie & Bryan's new house.  It is SO beautiful!  I can't wait for them to move in later this month!

Back at their apartment we made dinner and hung out and B decided that Riley's big bed was perfect for him!  Just a tad big there buddy...

B and his mommy hanging out.  Austin in the background laughing at something apparently very funny.

Here's what B looked like on the way home.  Sleepy little guy!

We had such a great weekend! Thanks Jackie & Bryan for having us and playing referee to Brody & Sidney! Happy birthday Avery!

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Anonymous said...

so glad to have you visit!
Already miss you guys! XOXO Jacs