Friday, November 27, 2009

Turkey Day

Thursday we went to my parents house for Thanksgiving, we had a great time! Here is Aunt Janet with Leah, the 1st of MANY Leah pics for this post!
This is the Thanksgiving placemat that Leah's daycare sitters made for her. So cute, they love her there!

Tracy, Leah & me

Yeah, Leah's not ready for the hat yet, it was so big she looked like she had on a Russian hat instead of a little knit hat.

The Josefovsky clan

This is a little blurry and dark but it's so cute! Leah loves her Lainey & Pops
Me & Leah hanging out with Emily, she's moving to Chicago at the end of the year! Can't wait to go visit! :)

Leah posing in her pretty Thankgiving dress that her Uncle David & Erin got her. She spit up all over it shortly after this picture was taken....

Moving onto the family pics
All of the Houston Autrey cousins. We're a huge family! ;) Yeah, not so much...
Ross, Uncle Jeff, Aunt Janet & Emily at the "spot where we take family pictures and/or cousins take pictures" according to Jeff!

There should be a picture here of our family but even after me trying to get us together for the picture we still ended up forgetting. Oops!

So instead, here is B worn out from all the turkey we ate
Leah and Ryan playing flying baby! She LOVES it! She's about to drool all over her Daddy
Leah chillin' in her Bumbo with her fancy placemat

Leah & her Daddy watching the Aggies

Uncle Austin teaching Leah "Gig Em!"

Austin teaching Leah some Aggie yells! So funny!

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! Off to decorate for Christmas!

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