Monday, November 9, 2009

Busy Weekend!

This weekend Austin and I headed to New Braunfels to hang out with Mark, Cindy, Rachel & Travis. We had a great time! We started the day at the Gristmill in Gruene. YUM!!!

And then we moved on over to Gruene Hall for a little music!

Then it was off to the main attraction WURSTFEST!!! Austin & I have costumes for this occasion as shown here but someone told me that Rachel & Travis don't dress up so I didn't wear mine.... Then we were talking about it on the way to New Braunfels and what do you know?!?! He suddenly remembered they DO dress up! But that's ok, we had a blast anyways!
Here are the boys all dressed up and ready to party!

Rach & Travis in their awesome outfits!

Here's Mark in his "newspaper reporter" outfit as we kept calling it

He even had his name tag on his hat! Ha!

Then there was the FOOD!!! Oh. My. Gosh. We ate SO much food! We had a little sausage, kraut, pita combo followed by a reuben sandwich then we looked all over for the chicken fried bacon. We were so excited because chicken fried anything is usually pretty tasty but let me tell ya, it was DISGUSTING!!! We ended up giving it away to some random lady. So, of course we couldn't end there, we moved on to anything we could find "on a stick"! Sirloin-on-a-stick, sausage-on-a-stick and then the crowd pleaser PORK CHOP-on-a-stick! YUMMY!! We ended the night with some fried pickles (SO good). Seriously, it's not the kind of place you go if you're trying to stick to a diet!

Here's Rachel & Travis with some real German dancers. According to them they are "legal Germans". Whatever that means.... All I know is that they were popular with the boys!

Spam, Austin & Box having a good time!

This is funny, the picture on the left (or top depending on how it's looking at the time) is from Wurstfest 2005 and the picture on the right is from this year. Same people, same clothes on Box but many changes in between!

Box loves him some Spam!

Cindy posing with Mark and his "STADIUM OFFICIAL GISD" pin. So funny, just right smack dab in the front of his hat. That's Mark Townsend for ya, he's an original!

Random peeps walking around with sausages on their heads in honor of the 10 day celebration of sausage that is Wurstfest.

Rach & I waiting in line for the pork chops. So worth it!!

Box lovin' him some sausage-on-a-stick

Somehow in all the THOUSANDS of people we ran into Pat Katt! One of the nicest ladies I know, love her!

Box & Rach getting their dance on to the German music

Jenny & I hanging out

On Sunday we headed back home and went to my parents for dinner to celebrate my Dad's birthday. Leah loves her Pops!

Uncle Austin got Leah's hair all crazy!

And this post wouldn't be complete without a little Mark Townsend dancing!

It was a great weekend! Austin's already out of town again for work and then next weekend we're heading to DFW for our Goddaughter's 2nd birthday party! BUSY BUSY!!

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