Friday, November 20, 2009

Show Us Your Life - PETS

This Friday on Kelly's Korner is all about Pets!

You KNOW that's the best topic in my opinion!  ;)  Our sweet little Brussels Griffon Brody (aka Mr. B, B, Buddy, Stinky B) is our baby and we just love him sooo much! I laugh all the time when I see Austin cuddling with B and I say "I bet you NEVER thought you'd have a 7 lb. girly little dog like Brody!".  He laughs and agrees but B is a total Mama's boy.  Tracy says I need to hurry up and have a baby so I will quit taking pictures of Mr. B.  Ha!  I have to say that since our niece Leah came along I actually HAVE taken less pictures of him!

But anyways, here are some pictures of sweet B.  :)  I think he's the cutest!

Here B is stuck in between the back of the couch and pillow.  I'm mean and I had to take a quick picture before helping him out.  ;)

This picture cracks me up!  It was during our Hurricane Ike evacuation and I just caught his yawn right at the perfect moment.  He looks like he's smiling!

B and his Daddy napping

Trying SO hard to get his baby that was on the stool!

B hanging out in the bluebonnets

Sleepy boy sitting on his Daddy's lap

When Brody is sleepy he sticks his tongue out, it's so cute!  Sometimes I swear, it's almost 1/2 his tongue sticking out. 

Sleepy B

Happy Friday!  Have a great weekend!


Steve-n-Angela said...

Love it.. makes me miss my dog!

Paige said...

aww- so sweet and such good pictures. i am sure you love your brussels, some of our best friends have on and just love her!! thanks for sharing!!

Tiffany said...

Love these pictures! Your puppy looks as spoiled as mine! ha. Aren't they so funny that they just think they rule the roost?? Although they really do....

Have a great weekend!

Lynn said...

What a cute puppy! I love all the photos but the last one cracks me up -- what a poser! =)

Art and Appetite said...

Awwww. What a sweet and cute dog.