Saturday, October 1, 2011

1st Road Trip!

Last weekend Hannah went on her first road trip.  She did SO great!  We went to visit CiCi and Mark (we still haven't decided on Mark's "grandpa" name yet, many names have been thrown around but Grandpa just doesn't fit for him.  Picking his name has been harder than picking Hannah's!  Ha).  She slept the entire three hour drive there and was ready to gets lots of lovin' once we arrived.

Hannah with the grandparents

You think they love her?? 

Hannah hanging out watching the Aggies play

This is a pretty typical face around our house.  Baby girl LOVES eating her hand! 

Watching the Aggies!

Her serious face 

Chubby cheeks

Too cool for school

On Sunday we all headed to Waco to visit the Horton side of the family.  Hannah got to meet all her cousins! She met five of the seven cousins but we only got a picture of four of them together.

Miles, Sam, Hannah & Emory

Emory giving sweet kisses to Hannah.  Emory finally gets a girl to play with!  The other five cousins are all boys.

Mommy, Daddy and little Hannah Lee

CiCi with baby girl 

Hannah slept the entire three hour ride home too.  She was worn out from all the fun she had all weekend.  Let's hope all of our road trips are as good as this one was!

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etphonehome21 said...

Love that pic of Mark "talking" to Hannah and that's too funny about him not having a name yet.