Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Two Months Old!

I don't know how many times I'm going to say this (probably every single monthly post) but I CAN NOT believe my little munchkin is already two months old!  Austin and I were talking about it last night how every single moment, short of a few hours here and there, I am with her since I'm still at home all day.  I love it!  It's going to be soooo hard going back to work in a few weeks because I seriously am rarely in another room without her for extended periods of time.  I think she loves it just as much as I do. :)  

This month has been even better than the first!  We are having SO much fun with Hannah and I love her more and more everyday.  It's just amazing how much you can love your child.

Hannah, here is what you've been up to in your second month!

Sleep:  This is pretty much the same as the first month.  You are really consistent on your sleeping 90% of the time.  You are GREAT at night but don't like to nap too often during the day.  Normally you take a good 3-4 hour nap in the afternoon and that's your big nap for the day but you almost always take a few cat naps in the mornings.  You have gone from waking up twice a night in your first month to once a night (YAY!) and that's usually between 4-5am so when I go back to work I guess that's when I'll get up for the day.  You usually go to bed around 9-10pm and wake up between 8-9am.  We're working on getting you to sleep earlier so you can have more of the pattern that we'd like to set for you when you're older.  Hopefully by next month you'll be going to sleep for the night around 8pm.  One of my favorite things about you sleeping is that you smile so much when you first go to sleep.  It is so sweet and we love watching you fall asleep.

Daily Routine: You usually wake up around 8-9am and eat and spend time in your Boppy pillow playing with Mommy.  It is SO cute and you give me the BEST smiles in the morning!  We just talk and smile for about 20 minutes and then you like to hang out and enjoy your morning in your swing.  You just relax and look around for about 30 mins to an hour, half the time you doze off for a little while.  Then we just hang out, you eat more and some days you keep Mommy super busy by wanting to be held, going potty, getting fussy, etc.  We've been getting out of the house more these days so our routine isn't set but if we're out that's usually when you start your afternoon nap.  If we're at home then you go down for your afternoon nap around 1-2pm and sleep until 4-5pm.  You eat and we wait for Daddy to come home.  When he comes home it's all Hannah/Daddy time!  We give you a bath every other day and then hang out with you until bedtime.  You started taking Zantac twice a day for reflux, it's not too bad but we could tell you were feeling a little discomfort and getting fussy while burping and having some spit up so the doctor thought this would help.
You are still getting fussy every night around 6-7pm.  We have no idea why but something is making you mad.  I think you're just worn out and cranky.  That's ok though because you smile SO much at us all day long!  I think you're a really happy baby.  :)

Feed: You eat often, probably between every 1.5-2 hours while you're awake.  That is one thing that ALWAYS comforts you.  If you are crying and we can't get you to stop any other way I just start feeding you and you're a happy girl!  If we give you a bottle because we're out or someone else is watching you then you take between 4-5oz and don't eat again for a longer period of time.  Last night Daddy watched you while I was gone and you took a 3 oz bottle at 7:45pm and fell asleep shortly after and didn't wake up to eat again until 4:45am!  If you were younger I would have woken you up to feed you but you're big enough now to wake up when you want to eat so we just go with it.

Weight: At your two month doctor visit on Thursday you weighed 10 lbs 8.6 oz (50%)!  Two lbs more than you did at birth!  You're face is a lot fuller and you're working on a pretty impressive double chin these days.  Ha!  You are just SO cute. :)  You got your two month immunizations while we were there and you did so good.  You only cried while the nurse was physically giving you your shots and then you stopped about 30 seconds later.  It made your Daddy and me sad. :(  

Length: 23 inches (81%)!  A whole 2.5 inches longer than at birth!  You are still long and lean, just getting bigger everyday!

Diaper Size: You wear size 1 Pampers diapers

Clothes Size: 0-3 month sizes and some 3 month sizes.  You're so long that you fit in 3 month sizes pretty good but they are still a little roomy on you everywhere else.  

Hair Color: We're not really sure what your hair color is.  It's the same as when you were born and sometimes it looks light brown but in the sun it looks strawberry blond.  Your eyebrows are all red though!  

Eye color: Your eye color is still the same as at birth, it's a dark blue/gray color.  Everyone always comments on how alert you are because you're always looking around and following us with those big beautiful eyes.

Funniest moment: You're a sneaky little thing!  You know what you're doing 100% of the time I'm convinced.  The other night you didn't want to go back to sleep for some reason and when I turned the lamp back on to see what was wrong you gave me this sneaky little smile like you wanted to play.  I just laughed at you and put you in your swing for a little while until you fell back asleep and we went back to our room.  You also suck on your hand constantly and make the loudest noises while doing it!  I'm surprised you don't have a mark on your hand.  It makes us laugh.  The grunting noises that you make while trying to go potty get us pretty good too!

Milestone: You played in your jumperoo for the first time this weekend.  You loved it!  You're still to small for it but since you can hold your head up so well we decided to give it a try.  I'm going to keep putting you in it everyday for a few minutes so you can get a change of scenery and play.  

Loving all the lights

Sweet little feet not anywhere near the floor yet!

Trying to reach for the toys
Your favorite toy: This past week you've really started to notice toys when I put them in front of you.  The fabric kind that have crunchy sounds are your favorite.  You will just smile when I'm playing with you and make noises with the toys.  You still love your swing and LOVE being on your changing table!  I get some of your best smiles while you're hanging out there.  After I change you I'll just sit on the ottoman by the changing table and let you entertain yourself.  Most of the time we're in there for over 30 minutes because you're just having a great time kicking your legs, making sounds and getting so excited.

Some of your firsts this month were:  
Roadtrip to Georgetown
Lunchtime with the ladies (Dede, Audrey, Tiffani and Amanda)
Visit to Daddy's work

Already bored with it!
Lunch with Mommy's coworkers
Lots of going out to eat adventures
First sleepover with Leah and Haley

Hannah, your Daddy and I love you SO much!!  You are getting so big SOOO fast (Daddy says it's too fast) and we can't believe you are already two months old!  

Some outtakes from your two month photo shoot


Steve-n-Angela said...

Jack will be 22 mths on Saturday.... I still CANNOT believe that! Yes, you will say that every month.. at least I did...still do! Time flies! They are so much fun! Kelly, she is beautiful! I can't wait to meet her!

Stephanie said...

She is such a smiley girl! When she starts to fuss at night, how long does it last? Chloe is the same way, happy in the morning and not so much at night. Now that we're feeding her more though the fussiness has definitely decreased. She is so cute, but I do think the girls are already looking less and less alike. Crazy how quickly they change!

etphonehome21 said...

I can't believe she is 2 months already! I LOVE the smiling pics - she seriously has the best little grin (don't tell my kids). And that 3-4 hour nap is INSANE!

Chani said...

Have I told you how beautiful I think she is!?!? Love her little smiles!

The Townsend's said...

Thanks girls! We think she's pretty beautiful ourselves! :) Her smiles melt my heart every day.