Saturday, October 1, 2011

Sweet Cousins

About a week ago my mom, Tracy and I took the girls to get their pictures taken.  They did SO good, I said when we got there if we got even one picture I'd consider it a success and both of them were so good the entire time!  No meltdowns, no poopy diapers, nothing!

Mommy with her baby girl


Haley and her Momma 

 Lainey with two of her girls

Lainey & Hannah 

Lainey & Haley

Sweet cousins

Check out those big pretty eyes! 

Little cutie 

Haley is such a sweetie but don't be fooled, this girl can scream just about as loud as an adult can.  Ha!  For real.  It makes me laugh so hard.

Little Hannah

Mommy's little sweet pea

Wide awake!

Tracy and me with our pretty girls


Hannah - 6 weeks, Haley - 8 weeks

Next time we go little Miss Leah is coming with us!

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