Sunday, October 23, 2011

Hannah's Nursery

First of all, what is the difference between a "nursery" and a "room"?  But since Hannah is a baby I'll call her room a nursery. :)  I finally got around to getting some pics of my favorite room in the house.  Before Hannah was born I used to come into her room and sit in the chair and look around and dream about what it would be like once she was here and now she is and it's better than I imagined!

The view entering our little munchkins room.  It's hard to tell in pictures but the walls are a pale mint color that is so soothing and pretty.

 Here is the best spot with the most comfy chair and ottoman ever!  My AWESOME sister and brother-in-law gave us this as a gift when I was pregnant!  So sweet of them!!

Two of my favorite pictures with Hannah in my belly are on display on the side table.  We took a really cute picture with the girls last weekend that will look so cute with the cousin belly shot of Tracy and I.

Here is where I store some stuff like her teeny tiny little socks and shoes, bows, cards, etc and display some of her sweet gifts from friends and family while we were in the hospital.  We have a small TV in there for now so that we can be entertained while I'm nursing her at night (once she's in her room) or when we're just hanging out in there while we're rocking her or she's playing in her crib.  Once she's older we don't plan on keeping it in there.

This sign was on display at one of my baby showers.  I love this verse because it's so true. 

This is another saying that is true

 I love this frame.  I always sing this to Hannah when I'm trying to calm her when she's fussy.

This sign hangs over her closet door

 Here is one of Hannah's favorite spots.  We got a dresser instead of a changing table so that it could stay in her room later on.  I changed out the knobs for cute ceramic pink knobs to match her room.  

This is the bow holder that a friend of mine made to match Hannah's room.  She did such a great job matching it too!  Almost every single one of these bows was given to us as a gift.  Baby girl has plenty of bows to last her a while!

I ordered these blocks off etsy and had them made to match her bedding.  I love how they turned out.

I love this little sparkly shoe.  The bottom has all of her birth info on it.  Austin's Aunt Nan gave it to me at one of my baby showers.

Our sweet baby girl before she was born and then the day after

I absolutely LOVE this saying!

Hannah's crib that she'll one day sleep in.  One day very far from now if I have my way... I have a feeling I'm going to lose that battle. 

The wall decal I ordered soon after we decided on Hannah's name.  It is so cute and looks great against her walls, it's just hard to tell in the pictures.

We striped one of her walls with glossy paint (same color as the rest of the walls just glossy) for a little change.  I love it.  

That wall has some of my favorite things on it.  Our God daughter Avery and her brother Payden gave me the pregnant mommy figurine for Christmas last year and my parents gave me the parents and baby figurine the day Hannah was born.  Tracy, Ryan, Leah and Haley gave Hannah the block with all of her birth info on it.  It's such a sweet keepsake that I love.

This is so special to me, Hannah's CiCi (Austin's mom) drew this picture 40 years ago!  She showed it to me last time we were visiting and I just loved it and knew it would go perfectly in Hannah's room.  How talented is she?!  

Hanging to the left of that picture is baby girl's sweet picture and her foot and hand print from when she was about two weeks old.

This is the view while sitting in the chair.

Of course no post would be complete without a picture of Miss Hannah herself!  I love this little girl SOOO much!  I can't believe she's already 10 weeks old! 

Such a cutie! 

And then 30 seconds later.... still so cute, just not as happy!  She loves sticking that little lip out.

Mr B wanted in on the action too of course.  He's very protective of his sissy.  He doesn't like anyone he doesn't know to come into her room.  A neighbor that he hasn't seen much came over and I was showing her Hannah's room and B growled at her but after she pet him he caved and let her enter.  ;)

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