Monday, October 10, 2011

The ABC's of Me

I saw this on another blog and thought it was a fun thing to do so I copied it.  :)  Well, with my own ABC's of course.

The ABC's of Me
Age: 31 (seriously, when did THAT happen?!)
Bed size: king
Chores you hate: Floors!  Sweeping, mopping, anything to do with floors I hate.
Dogs: Brody our sweet little Brussels Griffon
Essential start of your day: water
Favorite color: when I was little it was purple so I guess I'll stick with that
Height: 5'0" I'm tall  ;)
Instruments I play: Um...does Guitar Hero count?
Job title: Instructional Designer, thrilling, I know.
Kids: sweet baby Hannah Lee
Live: Texas
Mom's name: birth name - Margaret, name she goes by - Elaine, Grandma name - Lainey
Nickname: Kel, Kellbell
Overnight hospital stays: Oh yes, three different occasions in the last 11 months! The kidney stone fiasco of November 2010 (4 nights), labor with Miss Hannah in August (5 nights) and Hannah's hospital stay in September (2 nights) 
Pet peeve: talking with your mouth full (gross), biting your finger nails (AUSTIN!) and people interrupting while you're talking (rude)
Right or left handed: BOTH!  I'm ambidextrous and I love it!  It makes eating and putting on makeup SO easy!  Apparently only 5% of the population is fully ambidextrous.
Time you wake up: Well, right now it varies when Hannah gets up for the day, usually between 8-9am.  In a few weeks it will be back to the early hour of 5am. :(
Underwear: um...yes!
Vegetables you dislike: raw onions, is cilantro a vegetable or an herb because I hate it. Yuck!
What makes you run late: Before Hannah, nothing made me run late, I was very punctual!  Now, it's pretty hard to make sure we get out the door on time but it's so worth it.
X-rays you've had done: Lots!  I played a lot of sports and was a cheerleader growing up so I had lots of injuries throughout the years.  Never a broken bone though! 
Yummy food you make: lots of good stuff, I'm pretty good at following a recipe.  ;)
Zoo animal: monkeys

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Ken said...

Glad to hear about the underwear thing Kel! Love, Dad